Can't Watch Spangler Science Videos at School? How to Remove the Ban

My team and I have worked hard to create hundreds of science demonstration and how-to videos available on YouTube and our site for teachers, parents and students. But we hear from a lot of teachers who are frustrated that YouTube videos are blocked at their school. They cannot watch a video to work on a lesson for their students and they cannot show the videos to their class. The blocks are usually placed at the district level and it can be difficult to get them removed.

Teresa, an 8th grade science teacher at John Glenn Middle School, wanted to watch our science videos on YouTube so she submitted a request to the district. When they asked for the reasons why she needed the site, Teresa copy and pasted all 9 California State Standards along with the more than 50 sub-standards on her request.

Her request was approved within 24 hours.

“All of Spangler’s videos can be linked to a standard any where in the country.  What I discovered, is anytime I put in a request that I linked to standards, it gets approved,” says Teresa.

If our site or videos are blocked by your district, try linking your district’s standards to our videos or lessons. That may help grease the wheels and get the process approved.

If you still can’t get YouTube unblocked, you can also check in to TeacherTube. It’s a streaming site for who else but teachers and it isn’t usually blocked by school districts.
A big thank you to Teresa for sharing her idea.
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  1. Nancy ( newly retired teacher)
    Nancy ( newly retired teacher) says:

    I too, asked last year if our school district would let me have access to YouTube for just one day. I told them they could even track or monitor me. But I was told no. I was able to view a lot of the videos on your website, though. I also showed a lot of the videos on the Weather Channel website to my students. Especially the winter videos, as we live in the Florida Keys. Today I watched a video on what happens to boiling water at -22 degrees on the Weather Channel website. It’s pretty cool, check it out! 1/22/2011


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