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Welcome to the latest Education Buzz! Steve Spangler Science is honored to be your host this week.

Education is all about connections, you know. Nothing exists in a vacuum, or even only within the four walls of a classroom. All things connect to all other things in one way or another. As educators, we encourage our students to activate their schema – think of what they already know that they can connect to something new – with each unit, chapter, lab or problem set.

When we study science, for example, we are also studying mythology, Latin, Greek, history, and sociology. Astronomy cannot properly be studied without also studying mythology. A proper study of history is also a study of biography and geography. English is a combination of hundreds of languages. The ink in our pens. . . the alphabetical order of a keyboard. . . . the composition of our bread. . . . the etymology of our words. . . .the names of rockets and cars. . . . everything is connected to everything else. Oh, and by the way? All those weird punctuation symbols exist not only in writing class, but also in math and music as well.

Connections. Let’s make some!

A teacher attending Steve Spangler’s presentation at NAEYC reflects on some of the highlights. Looking for ideas on how to create unforgettable learning experiences in your classroom? Steve Spangler Science is currently offering $100 off registration to Science in the Rockies.

Mr. A. is a male kindergarten teacher who loves Clifford the Big Red Dog; read all about how he uses Clifford to encourage good behavior.
Mark Bauerlein’s post is eloquent as he encourages educators to use real, unabridged literature. The Odyssey isn’t drudgery; it’s AWESOME!
Joanne Jacobs presents Honors for all and $200K in debt for a BA , both posted at Joanne Jacobs.

Dangerously Irrelevant wants to know “When will schools begin using social media, and who’s doing it well right now?”
vjack presents Fixing American Education posted at Red State Progressive.
Anthony Dominick presents 50 Best Education Technology Blogs You Aren?t Reading Yet posted at Special Education Masters.
Pascale Michelon presents The Top Brain Book Collection for Educators and Learners | SharpBrains posted at SharpBrains.
Liz Heinecke presents Spy Juice and Invisible Ink posted at Kitchen Pantry Scientist.
Bellringers (Carol Richtsmeier) presents Thanksgiving Break, Yearbook & Letting It Be posted at Bellringers.
Mamacita (Jane Goodwin)has a lot to say about parents, education, and self-esteem over at Scheiss Weekly.
Shelley Wrights’ biology students took charge of their own learning.

Anne Beninghof presents Visual Thinking and a Napkin posted at Anne Beninghof’s Idea Sharing blog.
J.M. Holland posts about teacher working conditions.
Pat Hensley presents The Art of Conversation posted at Successful Teaching.
Khaleef @ KNS Financial presents Kardashian Debit Kard – Ripoff or Teen Teaching Tool? posted at Faithful With A Few.

Our schools have turned into test data factories, & our students are the workers.
Casey Ernsting presents Interactive Marketing 101: Social Media in the Classroom posted at iDrive Interactive Marketing Blog | LoSasso Advertising.
Gladys Greene presents Top 50 College Admissions Blogs posted at The Learn Worm.
Diann Schaffhauser proposes that it’s time to trust teachers with the internet.
Judy Willis has some tips on how to get our students to learn to love math.
Poetry in juvenile corrections, and why this teacher loves to teach incarcerated youth:

Rhonda Franz presents The Longer, The Better? A Student Researches Writing Scores On The SAT posted at Parenting Squad.
Rachel Lynette presents Ten Great Creative Book Report Ideas posted at Minds in Bloom.
Thank you all so much for your interest in the Education Buzz. The next carnival will be hosted by on December 22nd.

P.S. As for all of the real estate developers, research paper mills, marketers, cheat services, and random list-makers who tried to infiltrate the Education Buzz, SHAME ON YOU. This carnival is about education, not sales. Publish your money-making ventures elsewhere.

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  1. David
    David says:

    This is going to be a great set of blogs to read, thanks for hosting this.

    I had difficulty using the form by the way to post my entry. I guess it didn’t get through, because I wouldn’t consider myself one of the “real estate developers, research paper mills, marketers, cheat services, and random list-makers.”

  2. Pappas Peter
    Pappas Peter says:

    Thanks for your shout out on my “Our schools have turned into test data factories, & our students are the workers” post.

    Your readers might also like my post “Watch Problem Based Learning in Action: Apollo 13”

    It includes a short video that makes a strong case that Bloom’s taxonomy is not a one-way street. It has multiple pathways and entry points – knowledge can be put into practice in a problem and a problem can be used to generate a body of knowledge.


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