The Crushery Creates Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Concoctions

Do you like your ice cream cold? Do you like your ice cream really, really cold at maybe around -321 °F? Visit The Crushery at 1579 Pearl Street in Denver and you will experience ice cream in a whole new way.

The Crushery makes ice cream treats using liquid nitrogen. They have about 10,000 ingredients to choose from and create that unique made-to-order ice cream favor. They also have vegan, frozen yogurt and sugar free ice cream.

The process freezes the ice cream and ingredients quickly – within about 5 minutes. The ice crystals inside the ice cream are very small compared to typical ice cream, allowing The Crushery’s ice cream mix masters to add almost any ingredient including popcorn. The popcorn stays crunchy instead of soggy.

When in Denver, make sure you visit The Crushery or make your own homemade ice cream using this rock and roll ice cream recipe.

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