Mentos Ice Cube Exploding Soda Practical Joke – Great Idea… But It's a Hoax

It’s an e-mail that probably showed up in your inbox… Create an Exploding Drink! The prank is based on the widely known phenomenon of dropping MENTOS® chewy mints into soda to create an erupting geyser. Instead of just dropping the Mentos into soda, the pranksters suggest freezing a Mento in the middle of an ice cube. Serve your friend a refreshing soda drink and garnish with the tainted ice cubes. When the ice cube melts, the Mento is exposed and the soda erupts everywhere.

Great idea, right? I first saw the article in WIRED and blog sites like were quick to pick it up. Here’s the amazing part… there are literally hundreds and hundreds of comments about why it should or shouldn’t work, but up until today, I had yet to read about anyone who had actually tried it. If you really understand the science behind the physical reaction of releasing all of the carbon dioxide in the soda, you might guess that this is all a big hoax (not the first science experiment hoax we’ve seen in our inboxes).

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  1. Steve @ Build Muscles
    Steve @ Build Muscles says:

    I read the scientific explanation over at the other site and I was wondering what would happen if we initially froze the Mentos with dry ice and then froze the candy in ice. I think the ice cube water would just thaw the Mentos before the ice cube could freeze and would still ruin the effect. There must be some way to get a Mentos in an ice cube so this trick can work!


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