1,500 MENTOS Geysers – A New World Record

… and the world records just keep rolling in. Finally, the Europeans get into the game and set the bar just a little higher. Here’s the original Mentos Geyser experiment (just in case you’ve been locked away in a secluded cave for the last two years). Judging from the photos, the event was extremely well organized and produced some very impressive soda geysers. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Americans were getting dinged by our friends overseas for wasting their popular Italian/Dutch chewy mint candy along with thousands of liters of Diet Coke. Now, they hold the world record – that must have been their secret strategy!

According to Telegraph.co.uk, the explosive record-breaking event was held in Ladeuzeplein square in Leuven, Belgium. But… where’s the video? Does anyone have a link to the video?

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    hey Steve, this is off topic, but i just got the Clear Spheres from you. is there something that can disolve the fully grown spheres? like when you add salt to the slush powder,it disolves, so when i have the fully grown spheres(dont have full grown ones yet, just recieved them this morning and they are currently growing), can you make them disolve somehow? thanks for the help.

  2. Gina
    Gina says:

    Thats Awesome!! Hope a video appears. Since getting our geyser tube this week (along with all the other cool stuff I ordered, very timely shipping I might add!)
    My sister in law, nieces, daughters and I have blown up 15 diet cokes! We are addicted!! The neighbors run out to watch everytime, it gets everybody excited! We are running the local convenience store dry on mentos and diet cokes.
    So cool!!


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