Anaheim Science Boot Camp – Teachers Who Make a Difference

Today’s stop on the science boot camp tour took us to Anaheim, California where we met up with 85 teachers who come from very diverse teaching backgrounds but all share a common goal to make science more exciting and accessible for their students. I only wish that there was more time to really get a chance to talk with these teachers and to learn more about their struggles and success in integrating more science into their everyday curriculum. This workshop attracted early childhood teachers, elementary and even some middle school teachers. One of the common challenges I heard throughout the day was teachers needing more uninterrupted time to teach science and more time to let students truly wonder, discover and explore on their own.

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  1. Deena Messinger
    Deena Messinger says:

    Great workshop! I am so glad I attended and it really energized my science teaching. Thank you.

  2. leslie hellman
    leslie hellman says:

    I am still raving about the amazing workshop! RAVING! I can’t stop talking about it.

    Steve was an inspiration. What was so amazing (because, of course, Steve is all about being amazing) was how effortlessly he pushed the truthful, grounded learning in WITH all the wow and pow. I run my own science business; my struggle is to try to make what I do not just a WOW experience but a real learning experience, and bring into school assemblies, summer camps and even classrooms the idea that even with a short-term session, we can transform an experience to something that stays with you, that you understand and can build upon for real investigative learning. Steve showed me (with his background as a Magician AND as a teacher) how he does it and inspired me to believe that I can carry the same passion for learning and understanding into everything I do.

    In just the few weeks since Anaheim, I have noticed – REALLY noticed – results and change. I give steve all the credit (and send anyone and everyone I can to steve’s website for the videos, experiment ideas AND science supplies.)

    I would go the workshop all over again if I could. It was worth every penny and more. A truly memorable and A+ experience.

    Steve, you’re a Rock Star.

  3. Pamela Mount
    Pamela Mount says:

    one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. Never a dull moment. Steve could be a stand-up comedian. What a nice guy!..Everyone should experience his workshop, because you learn so much and in such a fun way. I felt like one of the kids. Thank you for a most memorable day. Pam Mount

  4. Denise Goodman
    Denise Goodman says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait until next year to attend another.
    It gave me some great new activities for the lab.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Chad Pickens
    Chad Pickens says:

    Thank you for the wonderful workshop! I wish I could attend the workshop in denver but I will be doing my own hands one science workshop for our summer camp and for our preschool! I have already used everything in my kit from the workshop to start getting ready for the summer program i am putting on!

  6. Linda Schultz
    Linda Schultz says:

    I tried to go to Denver last year but couldn’t make it. I’m really glad I finally got to go to your workshop. It was really great and I wowed my class, the teachers and other classes. I will be teaching a science unit for our school-age kids this summer and plan on wowing them. Thank you so much for all the great ideas,great jokes and the goodies you gave us. Thanks again Linda

  7. Helena Heinzaelman
    Helena Heinzaelman says:

    Thank you for a fabulous time! I learned so much, I just wish I could have another couple of days! I have used my windbags, color tabs, soda bottle tricks, and more. I would love to come to your summer institute, maybe next year!


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