Mentos, Apple and a Huge Mess

applespangler.jpgYou’re thinking about an apple and I’m talking about the company. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Apple in Cupertino, California last week to speak with some of their employees about our business. During the presentation, I shared some of the history of the Mentos Geyser and how we used iMovie and our blog to teach people how to make a mess. At the end of the presentation, I gave each of the employees one of our Test Tube Geyser kits to take home and amaze the kids. I just received an email from an Apple employee who attended my presentation and triggered an accidental geyser in his kitchen. If only we had a picture.

In addition to sharing our company experiences, I also taped an interview that Apple will be using in some online seminars that will be posted on in the near future. Cool.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    My school used your new invention.My teacher MRS.Lambert does sicence for 4th and 5th grade.We learned that the less you use mentos the higher it goes.


  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Greetings, I am a G-Mother of a 2nd grade girl, she and I did your yeast, peroxide, etc… erupting foaming soapy cool stuff at my home, I sent the instructions with my grand daughter and the supplies with her to her classroom, I used the everyday household peroxide, and doubled the amount of yeast, it worked just fine, the teacher; her first year on the job, would not even allow her to show the class, Maybe you need to visit the schools in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, rural areas to be sure they can see the wonder of your great experiments? I would love it is someone could make the trip! our schools need a boost for the kids, could not believe that the teacher would not allow it, I asked her too, she said she wasn’t sure it was allowed? but didn’t even accept the instructions or the supplies, the peroxide finally fell out of her locker, cap broke and she and a friend cleaned up the peroxide from the floor and she still holds on to the yeast and instructions just waiting for the day??? this was a bout 2 months ago? poor 7 year old! great science fun and can’t even show the class!


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