Raleigh Burt – Colorado State Science Fair Winner

What does it take to be a state science fair winner? Listen to my podcast with Raleigh Burt, an 8th grader at Sargent Junior High in Alamosa, Colorado. This young man has a tremendous amount of wisdom and great advice for anyone who wants some “inside tips” on how to create an award-winning science project. Read more about Raleigh Burt’s project on bike helmet safety.

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  1. Rena S. Wells
    Rena S. Wells says:

    I enjoyed your interview with Raleigh (he and his parents are good friends of ours, and I gave him some editial advice on his science projects). What I’d like to see (hear) in your interwiews, however, is a more consistent sound level (i.e., keep the mike close to whoever is speaking). Despite having the volume on my computer revved all the way to full, some of the interview was hardly audible.

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Raleigh is not only a very smart young man, but he is very polite and respectful towards others. I am very proud to say that he my good friend.

  3. Mike Roth
    Mike Roth says:

    Raleigh, it’s great to see you being given the opportunity to get the results of your project out to
    a wider audience. It’s a great example of how science fair projects have the potential to raise awareness in people on important issues of safety and personal wellness. You won’t see me without my helmet. Congratulations.

  4. Ronna Cochran
    Ronna Cochran says:

    It was really interesting to hear your interview with Steve Spangler. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time. I’m looking forward to you progressing at state and then into high school. Good luck!

  5. cindi
    cindi says:

    i am wondering if you can tell what experiment he is doing on the ellen show .they have 2 very tall tubes and he pours something into the tubes and foam come pouring out . i can see dawn dish soap on the table , but what else would be used .
    thanks for any help
    cindi cleary


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