Humor in the classroom – are you born with it – can you learn?

Brad Montgomery, motivational speaker, stand-up comedian and world-class magician says some of us are born with a little gene that helps us to be funny, but if you’re not one of them, you can learn. We can’t turn you into Robin Williams or Carol Burnett, but we can turn you into somebody funnier than you are today. How?

Well, if you want to change, and are willing to apply the energy and the effort, you can do it. I know chemistry teachers who are just hilarious.

If you decide you want to be funny, immerse yourself in humor. Look at musicians as an example. If you wanted to be a guitar player, you would read guitar magazines, visit guitar stores, hang out with other guitar players and go to music clubs — in other words, you would just drown yourself in guitar stuff. That is the first step.

Being funny is a learned science. There are so many different styles of humor. The first step is to be involved in it and know what makes you laugh. Visit bookstores, libraries, comedy clubs. Spend more time on the comedy page of the newspaper. Ask yourself if you find it funny or not. Next time you are watching a TV sitcom — if you are laughing, ask: “Why am I laughing?” If you are not laughing, ask why not. Jump in. Immerse yourself. This is an excellent first step if you want to add humor to your life and in the classroom.

Science teachers tend to get picked on as nerds. But you can create memories and you can create unforgettable learning experiences by deciding you want to be funny, and knowing what makes you laugh.

I’ll be recording brief interviews with teachers who use humor in the classroom over the next few days, so stay posted.

To know more about Brad Montgomery go to www.bradmontgomery.com.

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  1. your the man steve
    your the man steve says:

    Hey steve your the man.I when i taught was called the chemical magician.You know museum shows,school shows,libraries.I applaud you for being a teacher at least for 12 years in a elementary school.For the last 30 years i have had my business with 15 of those years being a full time job.I missed the teaching now that i just market the product.I know you have a family.How do you put so many hours in.Thats the amazing part.Take it easy steve.You are still young enough to make a mark on science teaching.The problem is that they leave science on the back burner all all that is taught is how to pass those tests in math and english.Oh well right on my man

    Neil Schulman

  2. Kaja
    Kaja says:

    I’m not funny at all. Well, atleast when I “try” to be funny. I actually wanted to be a comedian at one point, did stand up in front of my friends. They showed no mercy with their criticism..


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