is an interesting fad. Millions of kids are hooked on it. On the site, you can adopt virtual pets and take care of them. Instead of the in-your-face banner ads that you normally see on websites, Neopets has cleverly folded advertisers like Disney into the site though product plaacements – inside the games they offer, etc. “Neopoints” are awarded as prizes which are virtual currency. Kids buy, sell, and trade in Neopoints for virtual toys for their Neopets, food for their Neopets, etc.. They can even set up their own online shop and sell these virtual items to others for Neopoints. What’s the point, you may ask? Good question! It’s funny to think of the youngster spending countless hours brooding over virtual pets on when their own real pets are laying around neglected, starving for attention, food, walks, baths…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    neopets is a safe, fun way to let childern experience what having a pet is like. Neopets is not addidctive in anyway. Mnay kids are just in love with animals and thats why thye love it so much.

  2. shhh
    shhh says:

    “Neopets is not addidctive in anyway” – YES IT IS!!! I’m going to fail all my exams thanks to neopets…D:

    Great fun though…

    Just don’t start if you’ve got asny important exams/jobs etc in the next 2 years…

  3. Shontom
    Shontom says:

    No offence, but I HATE when people say Neopets is for kids. It’s NOT just for children. There’s plenty of adults and teenagers. Also, there’s far more to Neo than what you’ve posted. NP (neopoints) can be spent on far more things.
    You can paint your pets, making them more attractive and showing their rarity.
    There are banks, a stock market, etc. Neopets IS, actually, VERY educational for the kids that are on it.
    I have never, ever heard of someone so addicted to Neo that they ignore real pets. Absurd.


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