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Mentos Geyser Tube

The perfect way to share the soda spray with everyone you know.


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Geyser Tube

Item #: WGEY-500

10 rolls of MENTOS and 10 Geyser Tubes

Item #: WGEY-810

25 rolls of MENTOS and 25 Geyser Tubes

Item #: WGEY-825

50 rolls of MENTOS and 50 Geyser Tubes

Item #: WGEY-850


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Recommended for age 6 and up with adult supervision.

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Geyser Tube Event PackIf you have a Geyser Tube™ you know how addicting that wild eruption can be. Now we have the perfect way for you to share the soda spray with everyone you know! Our Geyser Tube Event Pack is the perfect accessory for any event. Need more MENTOS® and Geyser Tubes so you can conduct an explosive science fair kit? Just can’t get enough Geysers? Want enough Geyser Tubes for the whole class? We’ll send you plenty of MENTOS® and Geyser Tubes for as many Geysers as you can produce! 

Improvements to the Geyser Tube have taken the geyser-creating tool to a whole new level. The trigger mechanism now has a double pull pin action, making sure there's no unwanted eruptions. When you're ready to pull the pin, a tighter seal means that you can achieve a 30 foot geyser with as few as two MENTOS® candies. Recommended for children 6 and up.

What's Included?

Geyser Tube™ Event Packs are available in the following quantities:

  • 10 rolls of MENTOS® and 10 Geyser Tubes™
  • 25 rolls of MENTOS® and 25 Geyser Tubes™
  • 50 rolls of MENTOS® and 50 Geyser Tubes™

(*2-liter soda bottles not included*)

How Does It Work?

The Geyser Tube™ is a loading tube for the now famous Diet Coke geyser powered by MENTOS®. If you've ever tried doing the experiment, you know how difficult it can be to drop the MENTOS® into the bottle before the reaction takes off... and you're soaking wet. The Geyser Tube will give you a perfect launch every time with time to stand back. 

Attach the Geyser Tube to any bottle of soda (but diet soda works best because it's not sticky - no sugar!) Secure the trigger pin in place. Load the MENTOS® into the tube, lock the special pressurizing nozzle in place and pull the pin. Oh, by the way, it's best to pull the pin and then run away. The MENTOS® drop into the bottle and the powerful soda geyser comes shooting out the top with enough pressure to reach an incredible height of 9 meters (30 feet). That's a record! 

If you've never tried this amazing soda experiment, the Geyser Tube™ will give you a perfect launch every time. If you're a MENTOS® geyser pro, you'll quickly see how to use this device to make the most out of this cool science demo.

What Does It Teach?

The MENTOS® eruption has become an internet sensation, but there is science behind that soda. Check out our MENTOS® Geyser experiment for the whole story!

Science Fair Connection:

Setting off a Mentos Geyser isn't, by itself, a science fair project, bu there are some very easy ways to make experimenting with geysers a great science fair project. The key to creating an awesome Mentos Geyser themed science fair project is isolating a variable. A variable is a component of the experiment that changes and, hopefully, alters the experiment. Some examples of possible variables with the Mentos Geyser include:

  • Try different brands or types of soda and find a way to measure which erupts the highest.
  • Test different numbers of Mentos to find the number of Mentos that creates the tallest geyser.
  • Find out what temperature is best for geyser eruptions.

These are just examples of variations that you can try to turn the Mentos Geyser Tube into a science fair project. Remember, you have to keep all other factors the same. If you're testing different brands of soda, make sure the number of Mentos you use is always the same and that the sodas are kept at the same temperature.

Customer Reviews

owner/caregiver Review by Tina Brandel

We used this along with a few other experiments in my family home daycare it was a big hit! All the kids thought it was so much fun I am still hearing about its a once a week things now and I love doing (Posted on 4/6/13)

Geyser Mentos Bottles Review by Barb G.

Hey, who doesn't love shooting fountains of soda with a chance of getting the teacher (and students) wet!!??? I loved it and so did the students. Steve Spangler Science -- YOU ROCK! (Posted on 3/23/13)

Kindergarten Geysers Review by Jennifer Olsen

We used the Geyser Tubes for our final experiment of the school year. The Kindergarten children were all able to assemble and fill the tubes. We went out to the football field to fire off the tubes. The children were able to open their bottles and attach the tubes with little assistance. We then had a countdown to "lift-off". When we got to 0 the children pulled the pins and ran, unfortunately several of the bottles fell over as the children ran because the pin did not come out completely. Once the bottles fell over the Diet Coke got the Mentos wet and then it was much less effective when we got the candy inside the bottle. The children LOVED it and didn't care if their geyser worked or not. We had a few extras and the parents set off the geysers over the crowd and the children "danced" under the spray.
Next year we will have to find a way to keep the bottles in place. (Posted on 1/29/13)

science kid Review by Julie Ley

loved it (Posted on 12/8/12)

Mentos Pack Review by Denise Scribner

This was a great way to start up the new year with my high School Science Club. I showed the you tube video about the mentos fountains and then used your kit to get the club to design their own displays.

What is great about it is that I now have the tubes to use next year and all I have to do is purchase the consumables out of the club's funds. (Posted on 11/24/12)

SWEET! Review by Eric

Worked GREAT and a simple, effective design! (Posted on 10/16/12)

Fantastic! Review by Misty DiPietro

We used this along with a few other experiments for my daughter's 11th birthday party and it was a big hit! All the girls thought it was so much fun I am still hearing from parents about it. (Posted on 9/23/12)

FANTASTIC Review by Norina Geter

It was a 'real' winner with the students. Good thing I had them make homemade rain coats from large garbage bags.
I wish I had instructions on how to make the geyser come out in a 'spray' manner like the video. This would have been good to actually experience that. (Posted on 8/3/12)

Wiser Geyser.... Review by M. Peralta

Awesome kit! We were able to amaze our party guests! (Posted on 7/19/12)

Mento's Explossssssion Review by Stephen M. Schieszer

We recently enjoyed creating a Mentos Geyser here at our school, Eliseo C. Felix, in Goodyear, Arizona. Our Science Club members enjoyed watching the geyser shoot the soda many feet into the air, as well as eat the Mentos left in the soda bottle. Here is a photograph that I took, as the geyser reached its peak of eruption. Thank you and God Bless you for sharing your science with us, we have enjoyed learning why it worked, almost as much as how it worked. (Posted on 6/10/12)

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