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First Days of School

Back to school science activities that create great experiences


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When you think of the first days of school, what comes to your new students' minds? New school clothes… that's a given. Nine months until summer – another fair choice. But if you're their teacher there is one thing on your mind, impressing a new set of students. That means coming up with the type of stuff that will capture the students' imagination. The kind of activity that will enthrall a fresh batch of young minds. The type of thing that Steve Spangler Science is great at. We focused on creating a kit that highlighted spectacular back to school activities for teachers to do on those first days of school. From the first days of preschool to a fresh group of 5th graders, these science back to school activities will grab their minds, shake some oohs, aahs, and laughter out of them, and make you the coolest teacher in the school.

Since our goal is making things big, doing them right, and giving them class, you have seen some of these experiments before. But now we've compiled some of our favorites in one attention-grabbing kit. We want to give you the tools to use the first days of school to do something so amazing, so powerful, and so utterly mind-blowing that your students will want to learn, explore and experiment on their own.  Turn them into learning tycoons!

What's Included?
  • 30 Windbags
  • Approximately 250 Energy Beads (Assorted Colors)
  • 100g jar of Water Gel™
  • 50g jar of Jelly Marbles
  • 3 styrofoam cups
  • 30 pipe cleaners
  • First Days of School Activity Guide
How Does It Work?

Start by Learning the Science.  Each activity comes with its own individually packaged activity guide that explains the set-up, the performance and how it works (the real science behind the wow). 
Just Do It!  Go ahead…
  • Change normal white beads to a rainbow of colors and make bracelets
  • Grow Jelly Marbles overnight then watch them vanish instantly in water
  • Surprise a student with a Water Gel trick
  • Show your students how to inflate a massive bag with just one breath
  • Introduce learning using 3-cup Monty

What Does It Teach?

The one-of-a-kind, hands-on activities in this kit were selected not only for their "wow!" factor, but also for the great scientific principles behind them.  Use them how you think you'll get the best reaction out of them.  Use metaphors in teamwork and sharing, goal setting, reasoning, creative thinking or any topic that you find applicable.

Customer Reviews

Im glad I now signed up Review by Walker

This site certainly has all of the info I wanted concerning this subject
and didn't know who to ask.

Feel free to visit my website ... xbox 360 emulator (Posted on 5/22/15)

Excellent...well worth the money! Review by Debbie

Kids love these experiments and it's an energizing way to start the new year! (Posted on 8/27/14)

First day school pack Review by Science Wizz

MY YEAR 6 STUDENTS LOVED THIS PACK! It was a fun afternoon filled with experiments (Posted on 9/3/13)

First Days of School Pack Review by Rena Huntington

My 2nd Gr. students loved this pack of fun! We spent an afternoon exploring the difference between science activities and science experiments; an important step just before Science Fair.
Since there was something to take home, that made it all the better.

I love all your stuff and have had success with 99% of it. Thanks for all you do to help teachers teach science in fun and easy ways.

(Posted on 5/14/13)

One stop shopping Review by Amanda

The students' excitement fills the room with these experiments! They can't wait to see more! (Posted on 4/25/13)

Only the 2nd day of school... Review by Barry Western

But have used the Diet Coke/Mentos (+ more to experiment), and the "wind bags" ie: Bernoulli Bag as an intro to 4th grade, and have kids telling their parents "I love school!" Parents have come to me telling me they have never heard this before. They love the science.

I have a huge background in science, and, unfortunately, most of the Spangler fun does not line up with State Standards for 4th grade... alas... and in California, the emphasis is on Math, LA, Reading, Spelling, etc... Science and SS get left behind. But... just these two fun science demos the first two days have left me a hero with the kids...

The documentation tries to help out with aligning to the curriculum, but what is included just doesn't quite make it. You need to find someone who can really align it! I'm working hard myself, and think I can bring the "insta-snow" in line... with CA SS., but, it's hard! Nail that down, and I think you'll do great! I'm working on "insta-snow" with
CA SS geographic terms, plus some fun picture books at the library, and will see if I have a good segway!

(Posted on 3/14/13)

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