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Did You Book Your Cabin? Only Ten Days Left!

We just received word today from Carnival that they are only holding our room block and guaranteeing our special pricing for 10 more days. After that point, prices could go up and room availability will probably go down. If you have already booked your cabin, you’re in the clear (if Carnival drops the price based on incentives offered by Carnival, your final payment will reflect the discount).

As of today, there are 13 people who are registered for Science at Sea but have not booked their cabin (and you know who you are). This is your friendly reminder that you need to get your cabin booked… or you’ll probably start crying (no one likes crying). Call Gina MacDonald at (877) 244-9790 x 8921 or e-mail Gina at gmacdonald@colorado.aaa.com.

New Pricing from Carnival – Inside Cabins Starting at $725

alaska_shipCarnival Cruises promises to offer our Science at Sea participants pricing that beats their lowest advertised pricing for this cruise. If the price goes down based on incentives offered by Carnival, you’re final payment will reflect this discount.

PRICING UPDATE – January 20, 2009

Basic Interior Cabin – $725
Higher Interior Cabin – $755
Basic Balcony Cabin – $1,055
Mid Level Balcony Cabin – $1,115
High Level Balcony Cabin – $1,135

To inquiry about pricing and room availability, please contact our AAA travel coordinator, Gina MacDonald toll free at (877) 244-9790 x 8921 or e-mail Gina at gmacdonald@colorado.aaa.com

Can I Use and Earn my Carnival Cruise Frequent Flyer Miles?

Yes, even Carnival will let you earn “miles” with their Carnival Credit Card.  If you’re interested in a Mastercard that will earn you “Sea Miles,” redeemable on your upcoming cruise (or other future cruises, air travel or other vacations), check it out on their Carnival Sea Miles Site or call 1-866-603-7215.

What's So Great About a Passport?

A couple of you have asked this very question, or something similar, like “Cant I just use my birth certificate?”  Under the new United States Coast Guard regulations, every passenger is required to show a passport to board our ship this June.  If you do not yet have a passport, feel free to start the process anytime, as passport processing takes a long time.  If you wait until the last minute they’ll be happy to help, but they’ll charge you hundreds of dollars to “rush” your order.  I recommend starting the process about 5-6 months prior to your sail date to avoid any hassles.

Start by contacting your local post office and have them describe in detail what you will need to get your passport to avoid multiple trips.  They are very particular!  Know that you will need to have a passport picture taken (multiple places can help you with this… drug stores like WalMart and Walgreens, portrait studios, one-hour photo stores like Wolf Camera, etc.  You’ll then take these photos to your post office along with your passport application and a check (to pay the passport fee).

Passports are good for 5 or 10 years depending upon the age at which your passport was created. And don’t forget that every member of your party, including children, will need to have a valid passport to board the ship.

Good News from Carnival – Lower Fuel Prices Reduces Your Costs!

Editor’s Note – Regardless of when you booked your Science at Sea cruise with Carnival, you get to take advantage of these price reductions. As the price goes down so does your final payment!

I just received notice from Carnival Corporation that they are suspending the fuel supplement for cruises departing on or after December 17, 2008 (this includes Science at Sea!).  All bookings for cruises departing after February 5, 2009 will be adjusted to remove the fuel supplement.  This means that you can deduct $63.00 for the 1st and 2nd guest and $28.00 for 3rd and 4th guest in the cabin from your balance due.

Please note that Carnival reserves the right to re-instate the fuel supplement for all guests at up to $9.00 per person per day should the price of light sweet crude oil according to the NYMEX increase above $70.00 per barrel.

Please use this blog link to stay posted on these updates. It’s much easier to get information out to everyone all at once. If, however, you have specific questions about your trip, you’re always welcome to contact me directly at GMacDonald@colorado.aaa.com

Space is filling fast!  To date, we have 65 people registered and confirmed with new inquires every day. There is a possibility that Carnival will put a cap or limit on the size of our group (I’m guess right at 100) since we are a private group with special excursions. If you know of anyone who is considering the trip, I would give them a nudge right now!