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The Ellen Show Called…

Ellen.pngWhen the phone rings, we never know quite what to expect. The phone rang and on the other end was a senior producer at the Ellen Show (you know… Ellen DeGeneres). It seems that this producer had been watching a few of our science videos and wanted to know if Ellen would have fun making huge clouds with liquid nitrogen, shooting potatoes, whipping up a batch of slime or learning how to make toilet paper fly. My response was “yes” to all of the above. But maybe it’s best if you help us decide which science experiments would be most fun to do with Ellen. Of course, the goal of the segment is to show parents how to make learning fun… and what could be more fun than 50 gallons of Insta-Snow erupting on the set?

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m automatically on the show… they’re just interested. So, what cool science demos should I pitch to the producers at the Ellen Show?

iPod Science Experiments – Steve Spangler on the go

Let’s see… what could you watch on your new video ipod? Episodes of NBC’s “Office”… ad-free music videos… or some guy in Denver who teaches you how to do cool science demos. Hmmm… that’s a tough choice between Office and the music videos. I’m pleased to let you know that many of our science segments from television are now available as a podcast through Apple’s iTunes. Even if you don’t have a video iPod (oh, please Santa, please), you can download the segments into your iTunes application (what? no iTunes? just download it for free).

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