Bubble Bubble on the Wall, Who's the Squarest of Them All?

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles! It's one of the most memorable scenes from Finding Nemo. We also love bubbles at Steve Spangler Science. The science of bubbles is as fascinating as bubbles are engaging. First, start with a good bubble solution. The secrets behind great bubbles are dish soap and glycerin. Just don't use the antibacterial dish soap. Dawn works the best. Glycerin is [...]

Skewer Through the Balloon Experiment Surprises Weathercaster

For this experiment, we traded fire extinguishers, exploding toothpaste and liquid nitrogen for balloons and cooking skewers...not an explosive experiment at all. Then why was Becky Ditchfield so nervous? It's so simple. Blow up a balloon and tie off the bottom. Then take a cooking skewer and stick it through the balloon. Impossible? Not if you have a little patience and know [...]

Happy Halloween with Self-Carving Exploding Pumpkins

We at Steve Spangler Science have demonstrated Exploding Pumpkins for over 15 years. This year, we tried experimenting with small and large pumpkins to see which one would produce the biggest bang and test our timing skills. With the help of the morning and afternoon 9News anchors, we carved a few jack-o-lanterns to celebrate Halloween. You decide - in which segment [...]

Hardware Store Science – Secret Messages with Teflon Tape

It's true that I find some of my best experiment inspiration in the hardware store. My team often likes to tell the story about spending five hours at Home Depot before a conference in Atlanta... don't believe everything you hear. This Teflon Tape experiment is one of my favorites because young scientists get to use a pretty common household [...]

Mysterious Floating Water Science Experiment

Fill the glass jar with water and cover it with a card. As you turn the whole thing upside down, the audience can hardly contain themselves. The room quiets down as you precariously position the inverted jar and card a few feet above someone's head. And yes, I love the look of terror on my "helper's" face when I take the [...]

Dancing Raisins – Chemistry You Can Eat

It's true that I have some favorite experiments that seem to make it into most of my workshops and presentations.  It's always nice to have a few "stand-bys" in my back pocket that I can use in case of a science emergency.  But, it's even more fun to come up with new variations for the standards.  I was excited to introduce [...]

July 4th Science – Exploding Watermelons

Over the years, the exploding pumpkin demo is right up there at the top of my short list for my all time favorite, crowd-pleasing science demonstration. But who wants to wait a whole year just to do the demo again? That's why we're working on the fine art of watermelon carving... with the aid of a tiny chemical reaction... okay, it's [...]