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Steve Spangler’s 3 Day Hands-on Science Teacher Training Workshop.

Send the Teacher in Your Life Back to School and Save $100

What happens when you put 150 teachers from around the world in the same room for three days with a team of instructors who are over-the-top excited about teaching science? Enthusiasm for making science fun spreads like a virus!

Science in the Rockies Teacher Training with Steve Spangler in Denver | Steve Spangler Science

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the teacher in your life, consider giving them the gift of education. Steve Spangler and his team of educators come together for three days in July for Science in the Rockies.  This is hands-on science professional development training that is guaranteed to re-energize and excite every teacher.

This is not a “sit-and-watch” teacher training… this is a “get-up-and-do” learning experience featuring over 75 engaging activities that teachers can take home and immediately share with their students.

Science in the Rockies teacher training with Steve Spangler

The best part? All of the activities are aligned with Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards, so teachers can easily fit them into their lesson plans.

The workshop is $895 for three days. All participants leave the workshop with $300 of hands-on learning materials. They also receive a 250-page training manual that details the entire learning experience.

In just three days, teachers will learn how to use exploration and inquiry to create unforgettable learning experiences for their students. Send your favorite teacher to Colorado July 8-10, 2014 for this inspiring workshop!

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 Science in the Rockies teacher training with Steve Spangler


It's Science in the Rockies Professional Development Week in Denver

We are hosting about 150 teachers from the United States and across the world at the Denver West Sheraton Hotel for Science in the Rockies. They are in Denver this week to learn how to squeeze science into their classroom and integrate it into the Common Core curriculum. Steve Spangler and his crew of science educators are making slime, separating colors, inflating Wind Bags, blowing bubbles, glowing in the dark and so much more.

Science in the Rockies - Blowing Bubbles at Profesional Development Training in Denver

Science in the Rockies is unlike any other teacher training seminar you’ve attended. It is intensive hands-on science training that will change the way you teach science (and other subjects) forever.

This year we are sharing and talking a lot about integrating and sneaking science into all types of math, reading and writing common core lessons to create memorable experiences for students. The activities are now also aligned with the Next Generational Standards.

Here is a peek at what we are doing in Denver…

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Science in the Rockies Teacher Training Now Aligned to Next Gen and Common Core

As many of you know, the final version of the Next Generation Science Standards were just released in early April. Over the past few weeks, our team has been working feverishly to align Steve Spangler’s hands-on science curriculum from Science in the Rockies with these newly released standards. In addition to the science standards, we know that many of you are looking for creative strategies for connecting more hands-on science with the Common Core reading, writing and math objectives. That’s why we are very excited to share these integration strategies and creative methods for making science even more fun and meaningful for your students in the coming years.

Next Generation Science Standards are a voluntary set of rigorous and internationally benchmarked standards for K-12 science education. Twenty-six states and their teams joined 41 writers and partners to compile science and engineering content that all students should learn to prepare for college and the real world.

“The Next Generation of Science Standards promise to help students understand why is it that we have to know science and help them use scientific learning to develop critical thinking skills-which may be applied throughout their lives, no matter the topic. Today, students see science as simply a list of facts and ideas that they are expected to memorize. In contrast to that approach education researchers have learned, particularly in the last 15 to 20 years, that if we cover fewer ideas, but go into more depth, students come away with a much richer understanding,” said Joseph S. Krajcik, Professor of Science Education in the College of Education at Michigan State University and a member of the writing team.

Common Core State Standards are standards set across states to create a clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, and to put both parents and teachers on the same education team. These standards provide skills and knowledge students need to prepare for college and beyond.

Please join us in Denver July 9th through 11th for Steve Spangler’s Science in the Rockies.

Not familiar with Science in the Rockies? Every July, 150 teachers from around the world come together for three days with a team of instructors who are over-the-top excited about teaching science.

The workshop focuses on ways to bring wonder, discovery, and exploration back into your classroom through Halloween activities, electricity, things that glow, or even launching a potato out of PVC pipes. This is not a “sit-and-watch” teacher training… this is a “get-up-and-do” learning experience featuring over 75 engaging activities that you can take home and immediately share with your students.

You’ll leave the workshop with all the tools you need to become the best science teacher possible, including over $300 of gizmos, gadgets, hands-on learning materials for your students, hard-to-find supplies, and cool resources that accompany the Science in the Rockies curriculum. You’ll also receive a 250-page training manual that details every aspect of your learning experience, from the detailed instructions and recipes to the in-depth explanations and real-world applications.

The enthusiasm for making science fun spreads like a virus! Steve Spangler and his staff will change the way you teach science… forever.


Teachers Go Wild for Science – Summer Workshop Fuels Teacher Enthusiasm to Teach Science

Before we can get kids excited about science, we have to first start with getting teachers excited about teaching science. This year’s participants at Science in the Rockies shared some of the their underlying reasons for focusing their effort on being better science teachers.

Rayovac Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week with Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest

The wonderful people at Rayovac recently approached us and asked for our help in celebrating Teacher Appreciation week (May 2 – 6). They are recognizing inspirational teachers by offering three all-expense paid trips to attend Science in the Rockies in Denver, Colorado July 6-8, 2011.

Click Here to Nominate a Teacher >

Science in the Rockies is an intensive three-day hands-on science training for teachers who want to integrate more science into their classrooms and make it more meaningful and fun for their students.

“There are so many amazing educators that bring inspiration, guidance, encouragement and fun to the classroom,” said Kent Klagos, Division Vice President, Rayovac.  “Through the Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest, we hope to recognize a few of the many outstanding teachers as well as give them an amazing science experience they can bring back and share with their students.”

Do you know a K-6 teacher that brings learning to life and inspires kids to want to learn in the classroom? Rayovac is now accepting nominations on their website until 11:59 p.m. on May 16, 2011. If you would like to recognize a teacher, click over to the Rayovac site, complete the entry form and submit an essay up to 300 words explaining how the teacher inspires students and brings learning to life. Teachers who want to learn great classroom techniques and engaging experiments to captivate their students can even nominate themselves.

The individuals whose nominating essays win for the three lucky teachers will also receive one of three $100 gift cards from a major retailer.

We want to extend a special thank you to the people at Rayovac for understanding and acknowledging how important science education is in our children’s lives.

Rayovac is Dedicated to Science

Rayovac is dedicated to science and technology education. The Rayovac headquarters in Madison, Wis., is home to a state-of-the-art, on-campus science and technology lab where scientists and technology experts collaborate to bring the latest innovations to customers. This summer, the brand is bringing this experience to life with the launch of the Rayovac Science and Technology Institute (RSTI). The online resource center at will offer students, parents and educators a plethora of activities designed to bring science to life in a fun and memorable way. RSTI visitors will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the science of Rayovac, interact with Rayovac scientists, engage in educational games as well as view and explore fun science experiments they can recreate at home.

Update June 22 – Winners Announced

Congratulations to our three winners. We can’t wait to see you at Science in the Rockies in a few weeks.

  • Tina J Miller from Kenosha, WI
  • Pamela L Berg from Indianapolis, IN
  • Keri Dowdy from Sedalia, KY