Walking on Glass – Talk Show Host Screams On-Air Doing Science Experiment

Denise Plante and Murphy Huston from the KOSI Morning Show in Denver, Colorado invited me to visit their show to talk about our upcoming book signing for Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes. Finding science demonstrations that play well on the radio can be tough, but we hit a home run with this one. I purposely didn't tell Denise what was going [...]

Young Engineers Build Homemade Rockets

I helped the fourth graders at Wilder Elementary test their rocket designs today. Watch the video below from last year to see what this interactive lesson is all about. Earlier in the week, the students watched the movie October Sky, based on Homer Hickam’s novel, Rocket Boys. I then explained the science behind building rockets and gave them some demonstrations of Newton’s [...]

Putting Together an Amazing Science Fair Project

Have you signed up for your school’s science fair but haven’t picked a science fair project? Or are you thinking about joining your science fair but don’t know where to start? Participating in the science fair is an amazing opportunity to learn about the scientific method, ask questions, explore, make new discoveries and gain an understanding of how science works. The start to [...]

Tea Bag Rocket – The Updated Version of the Classic Ditto Paper Rocket

The Tea Bag Rocket is really an adaptation of a classic science demonstration called the Ditto Paper Rocket. If you're old enough to have experienced Ditto paper, you'll recall the bluish-purple ink and that unforgettable smell of freshly printed copies. (Come to find out... both the Ditto machine solvent and the ink were highly toxic, but no one seemed to care [...]

Balancing Nails Puzzle – Bigger Nails Give a Cool Twist on an Old Puzzle

It's a really cool science puzzle... balancing a pile of nails on the head of a stationary nail. I've always liked this puzzle because it gets kids thinking about the center of gravity. In this video, we substituted the small, table-top version of the set-up for a dozen large nails - like the kind you would use for landscaping. Mark Koebrich [...]

Think Twice Before You Double-Dip That Chip – Petri Dish Test Tells All

If you're a Seinfeld fan, you undoubtedly remember George Costanza's double-dip chip episode where he takes a chip, dips it, take a bite and dips it again - the famous double-dip. The best line in the whole episode comes from the guy at the party who confronts George and says, "When you take a chip... just take one dip and end [...]

Burning Money – Does Anyone Have a $20 Bill?

It's probably not a wise idea to soak a $20 bill in a flammable liquid and set it on fire, but that's what you'll have to do with this science demonstration. Sure, you could use just a $1 bill, but then you don't sweat as much. There is a point to all of this burning... it's the fact that to everyone's [...]

Balloon Boy Helium Physics – How Much Helium Would It Take to Lift Falcon?

Since the location of the Balloon Boy saga is about 60 miles north of our offices in Englewood, Colorado, we've received a number of phone calls and e-mails about the science of helium... specifically the lifting power of this inert gas. We decided to show our partners at KUSA and 9News.com what it would take to lift a 10 pound sack [...]