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Oklahoma Hands-on Science Boot Camp for Teachers

oklahomabootcampIf you’re an elementary teacher or early childhood educator who’s looking for new ways to make science exciting for your students, join us at the Oklahoma Science Center on Friday, January 23, 2009 for a full-day of hands-on science training – the Hands-on Science Boot Camp presented by Steve Spangler Science. You’ll also enjoy a special presentation from the Science Live! demonstration team at the museum. The workshop offers best practices and teaching strategies for integrating more science into your everyday curriculum, and you’ll take home some great classroom materials to practice what you learned right away.

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Registration Now Open – Hands-on Science Boot Camp Dates and Cities Set for 2009

2009 Boot Camp Tour

Hats off to our workshop team for finalizing all of the cities and dates for our 2009 Hands-on Science Boot Camp tour. During this year’s tour, teachers asked how we decided on the cities and the answer is simple… we just loaded a blow gun with pins and shot them at the wall map. It was decided for us that we needed a more strategic approach. The upcoming tour dates and cities are all based on teacher requests for workshops. The one-day science workshop was designed for teachers ranging from Pre-K through 5th grade, but past registrations tell us that the content is appropriate for upper grades as well as home school parents, informal science teachers, museum science demonstrators, before and after school care providers and the occasional, highly-motivated parent who is trying to make a difference on their own. It’s a full day of cool hands-on science activities integrated with proven teaching strategies and best practices to help teachers get students engaged in their own learning. That’s our secret… engagement with a purpose leads to life-long learning. Continue reading Registration Now Open – Hands-on Science Boot Camp Dates and Cities Set for 2009

Hands-on Science Boot Camp Tour Wraps Up in Houston

Houston teachers and science trainers came out in force as we wrapped up our 2008 Hands-on Science Boot Camp tour. It’s not the first time that weather preempted a teacher training, but the severity of hurricane Ike impressed upon us the impact this storm had on the Houston area. It was amazing to see how quickly the businesses and people of Houston rebounded. Just two months earlier, the Sheraton North Houston had a foot of water running through the front lobby and today you’d never know that anything happened. Workshop participants arrived early and were ready to roll up their sleeves and do some science. The audience consisted of primarily K-5 teachers, but we also had a strong showing of early childhood professionals, some middle school teachers and a handful of informal science educators (presenters at museums and science outreach professionals). When asked what brought them to the workshop, many participants told us that they were looking for ways to spice-up their curriculum with more hands-on activities. Getting the students engaged in their own learning was at the top of the list for almost everyone.

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Dallas Hands-on Science Boot Camp – Teachers Want to Create Science Experiences

Our workshop team always enjoys a trip to Dallas… especially when the workshop is at the Gaylord Texan. By now you’d think that the hotel would understand that velvet table cloths and brightly colored liquids probably are not a good mix. Nearly 250 teachers attended the Dallas Hands-on Science Boot Camp ranging from early childhood through high school (but the vast majority of teachers fell into the pre-K through 5th grade range). Before the workshop starts, I make it a point to talk to as many participants as possible and ask them what they expect to take away from the workshop. The Dallas teachers shared a common response… “I want to find ways to get my kids excited about science and engaged in their own learning.”

Shanna Morris from Little Elm, Texas attended the workshop because she wanted to find a way to make teaching science more fun for herself. “After 22 years in the classroom, I want to find a way to re-ignite my own spark for teaching science. If I’m having fun and learning, I believe that it will rub off on the kids. Besides, three teachers from my school came to your workshop last year and I want to find out why the kids are always laughing in their classroom!”

Can a One-Day Science Workshop Really Make a Difference?

The audience of teachers (PreK-Middle School) was especially lively during our Hands-on Science Boot Camp in Tampa. The turn-out was great with over 180 teachers packed into the ballroom at the Westin Hotel and each teacher had his or her own reasons for attending. One third grade teacher told me that her school had cut her science time down to less than an hour per week. She was told to “integrate science into her curriculum” if she wanted more time for the “secondary” subject. Other educators (and a handful of home schooler and science museum program coordinators) attended in hopes of taking away some new hands-on science activities in an effort to spice up their existing curriculum.

It was also great to see Rhonda Newton and her cadre of teachers at the Tampa Boot Camp. Rhonda connected all of the science activities from the workshop to the Florida State Science Standards and shared it with the group. Huge thanks from everyone!

Download the Spangler Science Connection to the Florida Science Standards

As we wrap up the workshop at the end of the day, I often wish that I could pull the same group of teachers back together three to six months later to see if the learning objectives and teaching strategies really had an impact. We’ve all attended workshops or presentations where we laughed a lot and had a great time, but what was the take action message behind all of the fun… and did it change the way I teach? In other words, can a science education speaker do more than provide a motivational message during a day-long workshop?

Desh Bagley answered my questions when she was interviewed by a few weeks after attending the Tampa Hands-on Science Boot Camp. Bagley is an informal science educator is owns and operates TechPlayZone, a science and technology center for young people. Desh understands the need for finding creative ways to get kids excited about learning science. Here’s what she had to say… Continue reading Can a One-Day Science Workshop Really Make a Difference?