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Baby Soda Bottles - Giant Test Tubes

Transparent, durable test tubes are used for safe science experiments.


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15 Test Tubes with Caps and Activity Guide

Item #: WBSB-150

30 Test Tubes with Caps and Activity Guide

Item #: WBSB-300

60 Test Tubes with Caps and Activity Guide

Item #: WBSB-600

120 Test Tubes with Caps and Activity Guide

Item #: WBSB-120


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Baby Soda Bottle Test Tubes

Durable, water-tight, and perfect for kids, it's no wonder you can find Baby Soda Bottles in classrooms around the world. Unlike ordinary, breakable glass test tubes, you'll rarely find yourself replacing these thick-walled plastic test tubes. Baby Soda Bottles can be dropped, stepped-on, or thrown… they just won't break!

In addition to being some of the sturdiest test tubes ever, Baby Soda Bottles are leak-proof. Baby Soda Bottles feature caps that are easily twister on and off, making the test tubes shakeable and unbreakable, even with liquids inside!

Don't go another day worrying about broken lab equipment. Within moments of using a Baby Soda Bottle, you'll understand why we think they're the perfect tools for early and elementary education. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

What's Included?
Baby Soda Bottles with caps
  • Test tubes with twist-on caps
  • Activity guide with over 10 project ideas

Available in quantities of 15, 30, 60, and 120!

What Does It Teach?

Baby Soda Bottles will instantly become a staple of your classroom or household, no matter what your scientists' ages. The thick plastic material is nearly unbreakable and makes the perfect closable container for all kinds of materials. Baby Soda Bottles™ can be used to teach kids more things than you can imagine! Grow plants, observe critters, collect water samples, explore different densities, hydrate polymer crystals, and mix all the colors you can find in a rainbow. The only limit on the possibilities for Baby Soda Bottles is your imagination and creativity!

Customer Reviews

These are great Review by ClassMom

The multiple uses for these are probably endless. I used these as the main gift in the trinket bags handed out at my 5th grade and 3rd grade daughters' Valentine Parties. We filled them with candy and the instructions/dye tabs so they could go home and make their own "lava lamps". They were a huge hit. We only had a half-hour for the party, so we quickly showed the sample, reviewed how to make the laval lamp when they got home, and that left time for exchanging Valentines and eating treats. I even received emails from parents whose kids were still raving about their lava lamps a few days later. (Posted on 5/7/13)

A different use Review by Brett Knutson

I am a scroller and wanted a better way to store and organize my blades. I'm not done yet, plan to get some different colored bottle caps. As you might not be able to see I can pull this out and take with me, the unit can be stood on it's own. Like the fact I can either put labels on the lid or slide description info on a sleeve into it, or both. Size makes for plenty of room and can reach finger in to grab the blade. (Posted on 3/26/13)

The Best Test Tubes for Little Scientists! Review by Mom of 2 Boys

I got these for my son for Christmas because he LOVES mixing together concoctions at home and calling them experiments! These are so safe (not glass)and durable and he can put the lid on and shake it up if he chooses. I love that if he loses the lid that he can just grab any soda bottle cap and use it. I have a hundred and one ideas for these! We will be using them soon at his Mad Scientist birthday party on his cake table (I will be filling them with candies and sprinkles to pour over ice cream). (Posted on 2/4/13)

Great Review by tracy

These tubes were great I used them to put my daughters invitations in I alson used them to put candy at her mad science party the kids loved it. (Posted on 12/31/12)

Science With The Engineers, Inc Review by Thomas Chaput

We have been using the baby soda bottles in classroom science experiments for the past 3 years. We decided to buy an extra set so we would not have to wash them between classes. We are trying to inspire elementary age kids to get excited about science in the S.E. Michigan area. (Posted on 11/12/12)

Halloween Tricks and Great Prop Review by Diane

We wanted to do science "tricks" for our neighborhood. We did the instant snow and the atomic worms, but our visitors needed something to take their trick home in. Our idea was to make the garage a mad scientist's lab so test tubes were perfect. The locking caps made certain the contents did not leak onto candy gathered elsewhere. Also the caps on the bottom helped when filling them, so win-win. (Posted on 10/25/12)

Happy Customer Review by Cherie T.

Good product, good selection, good price. I found exactly what I needed on the web site. The product was wrapped and delivered in very good condition in about 9 days after ordering. I would definitely recommend this product and web site to others. (Posted on 9/2/12)

Love them Review by Erin Dennis

These are great for a million different reasons. And they are diswasher safe which is great for getting out oils. (Posted on 7/23/12)

Not the same size - Test Tubes Review by Nancy B.

I purchased test tubes in the past, but these are not the same. The ones I previously purchased held just enough water to do the making snow experiment, but these are about a teaspoon too small. I think the others were called baby soda bottles, but they were basically test tubes. All my other purchases were wonderful, but unfortunately, I was not able to use these test tubes for the reason I purchased them. -:(

That doesn't sound right! One of our customer service representatives will be contacting you soon to find out what's going on with the Baby Soda Bottles.
-Steve Spangler Science Web Team

(Posted on 5/30/12)

Lava tubes Review by Marilyn

Students made lava tubes as an extra reward for working hard in Science all year. (Posted on 4/30/12)

plastic test tubes Review by joyce Russell

I use these for everything! They are the perfect lab tool for my after school science program that has kids ages 5-10. I don't have to worry about broken glass! The lids make it possible for me to prepare chemicals ahead of time, and when I let them take an experiment away, I never worry about it spilling. (Posted on 4/12/12)

30 test tubes = 30 lava lamps! Review by Robin

For the class Valentine's party I decided to skip the game and craft this year.....we're making lava lamps! I'm sending home a list of 5 or 6 other experiments/uses for their Baby Soda Bottle. I thought the test tube and other uses list make a super nice party gift to take home! (Posted on 3/6/12)

Not Clear Review by Sarah

There's a tint on the bottles. I was hoping they were clear so colors of liquid in them are better distinguishable. But the durability and tightness of caps are perfect. No worries if these got dropped. (Posted on 2/8/12)

name tubes Review by DJ Logan

I got this idea from a fellow teaching buddy. She took pictures of each of her students and printed their names in all capital letters on the bottom and had them laminated. She then gathered letter beads to form each child's name and placed them in the tube with a bit of glitter. Filled with water these quickly became a favorite literacy center in her kindergarten room as the children try to match the tube to the correct picture. I duplicated the idea and my students LOVE it (especially when they find their own name). (Posted on 1/21/12)

great for middle school Review by Jean Delashmit

These are better than more expensive, breakable test tubes. Caps prevent spills. Almost indestructible by middle schoolers, and that says a LOT! (Posted on 1/2/12)

Super Science Birthday! Review by Kim Walker

I put these in the "goody bags" (with other fun science stuff) for my son's 9th "Super Science" Birthday party and it was a huge hit. The kids used the baby soda bottles in one of the "stations" to make the mini lava lamps. After the party one of the kids moms sent me a Facebook message to say that her son had a blast and said Mrs. Kim Rocks! haha (Posted on 11/10/11)

Great tool but disappointed in new bottles Review by Andrew Hammitt

I love these baby soda bottles. Not a day goes by when I am using them with one of my elementary classes. I am disappointed with the newer version. The plastic seems to be tinted which makes it hard to see different colors of items placed in them. Hopefully, this will not be a permanent change. (Posted on 10/6/11)

Test Tubes Review by Denise Goodman

Great! (Posted on 9/10/11)

AWESOME! Review by Astrid

So many uses!
first, i had added some koolaid poweder in each of them and once the kids arrived, each "scientist" had to add H2O to it so they could become "crazy scientist" kids loved it!
Then we rinse them out and use them to do our lava lamp experiment. Kids loved the "fuzzing" when adding alka-seltzer in it and how the color bubble exploded.

By far this was the best of all of the experiments! (Posted on 7/17/11)

Chemical Look-A-Like/Poison Prevention Review by Mary Koenegstein

We use the baby pop bottles for our Chemical Look-A-Like safety presentations. Some are filled with chemicals and others are filled with edible items. After a short presentation discussing the topic and how to prevent accidental poisoning, we have the kids try to tell us which is item in the bottles are poison and which are edible. Everyone has a good time with this. Your product makes our presentation easy and safe.
I would like to send you a few pictures, but for some reason it is telling me that the file can only be 500k. (Posted on 7/6/11)

AMAZING Review by bonnie kelly

These are a great buy! Super quality, extremely heavy duty! (Posted on 6/5/11)

Test tubes Review by Carolyn Schroeder

I gave the test tubes to the teachers participating in my Regional Collaborative for science teachers, and they were so excited to get them. The first use was pretty cool - we were dissecting rats and some of them had pregnant rats and wanted to save the embryosto show their students! The test tubes were perfect for that! (Posted on 5/11/11)

Fantastic tubes, great price Review by jj

These test tubes are fantastic. They are super durable and I like how the caps are sealed when you first put them on. I put my son's science invitation in them and passed them out to the guests (a big hit!) and we used them to hold the insta-snow powder and passed them out at the party. I wish they were clearer though - they have a gray tint. However, I am totally happy with them! (Posted on 5/3/11)

Fabulous Tubes Review by Monica Shadid

We did the Bubbling Lava Bottles with these and they worked perfectly. Kids loved it! (Posted on 4/19/11)

Other uses for Giant Baby bottles Review by David Sylvester

I am a scroll saw artist and the giant baby bottles are the perfect size to hold scroll saw blades...I made a holder for the side of my scroll saw that swings out and all the blades are labeled so I can find the perfect blade very quickly... (Posted on 3/7/11)

Baby Soda Bottles Review by Jerri Harris

Love the baby soda bottles! I can think of a million ways to use them and could use more, but your shipping costs are too high! An option for slower delivery that was more affordable would be the perfect option. (Posted on 2/26/11)

Great party favor! Review by Robin

For my 6-year-old girl's birthday party, I filled these with colorful candy and arranged them in beakers as table decor. Then one tube went home with each child, along with a set of instructions for experiments to try at home. What a great product! (Posted on 1/9/11)

Test Tubes Were Great! Review by Nancy

Bought these for decoration and a favor for 6 year old birthday party. They looked great. We filled them with crazy core skittles and gave the kids suggestions (provided in the kit) on what they can do with their test tube once they've eaten the candy. And I had no idea they were literally baby soda bottles until I read the literature that came with the product. Very cool! We also made a lava lamp in the test tube during the birthday party and provided instructions for that activity in their take home bag. Great product! (Posted on 12/29/10)

Baby test tubes Review by Lara

I have had these test tubes for years and love their durability and the size. They are perfect for small hands to hold and manipulate. I simply needed to get more-have been losing lids. The tubes themselves are virtually indestructible! (Posted on 11/10/10)

Keep Them Coming! Review by Ed

We love to use the “wow items” for discrepant events in our Harris Super Science Saturday (HSSS) programs. Our students of poverty are severely lacking in background experiences that new learning needs to be connected to. Fascinating material can get their attention, motivate them and fill in some of the gaps they have because of their lack of experiences.

Magic sand, lava lamps in the baby soda bottle test tubes, and melting blocks are some of the things we use and just this past week I attended 2 of our nighttime HSSS Meet and Greets and saw again the reaction of students and their families to investigating these fascinating materials.

So keep them coming, Steve Spangler Science!! (Posted on 10/8/10)

Geocaching Review by CCWashburn

I purchased these to be use as containers for geocaching, they are water tight and easy to hide. They will also stand up to most adverse weather conditions for a good length of time.
(Information about geocaching available at (Posted on 9/8/10)

Jumbo test tubes with rack Review by Stacey from Arkansas

These work so well with my little kindergarten through 2nd graders! They have so many uses! Will probably order more. (Posted on 8/28/10)

Test tubes are great party favors! Review by Paula

These test tubes are great party favors for science themed birthday party! Fill them with candy, add a fun label and your done! (Posted on 8/13/10)

Great for party favors! Review by Pam

I filled these with jelly beans and gave them as party favors for our daughter's Mad Scientist birthday party. Then I photocopied the list of experiments included with the baby bottles and put them in the favor bag for the kids to experiment at home. They were a big hit! (Posted on 7/24/10)

Tint to Test Tubes! Review by judy bastein

I bought the baby soda bottles (test tubes) thinking that they were clear plastic. There is a grayish tint to the plastic. I put 3 jelly marbles in the tubes and was a bit disappointed when I realized that the tubes had a tint. When the marbles swelled to the width of the tubes, I shook them out after an overnight soaking...I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get them out if they continued to absorbed more water! The self sealing tops are great to keep little hands from opening the tops. (Posted on 6/15/10)

Best test tubes for children Review by aimee Napier

Great for young children. My daughters 3 year old call had such a great time with the experiments we did in these tubes. The large size works great for young explorers. (Posted on 4/18/10)

Fabulous Value! Review by Amanda

Students LOVE having these in their hands! Durable and a great size! A whole new revolution to test tubes. Elem. students are not so gentle at times. This helps so much with a twist on cap. Great value! (Posted on 3/18/10)

Name Bottles Review by Susan

We use small manipulative letters to spell out a child's name. Add water and you have a ready-made Center. Children love trying to figure out whose name is inside the bottle and I have never had a bottle leak or break. (Posted on 2/15/10)

Useful Review by Matt

Used one for tinder and ferrocerium rod, one for a small fishing kit, a couple more for stove fuel, a couple for olive oil, salt, one holds a bit of thin leather, compound, and sandpaper for stropping, another holds liquid soap... The uses for these outdoors are pretty much endless.

(Posted on 1/7/10)

1001 uses for baby bottle test tubes Review by Jennifer Jungkim

Another great way to use these is to make small "time capsules." Have your child write a short letter to be read in 5, 10, or 15 years. They can also slip some small objects inside (photo, trading card, or something hot right now, like silly bandz) and seal up the test tube. Put a big sticker on the outside with the date to be opened, and keep it somewhere safe. (Posted on 12/13/09)

Wonderful!! Review by Katrina

These are the best things EVER! They were recommended to me by another Childcare Provider to use for our Discovery Bottles! They are small enough for preschooler's hands, less droppage! Durable beyond belief!! I ordered the package of 15 and we have filled them all! I will be ordered another set of 15 VERY soon so we can create more Discovery Bottles!
Thanks again Steve Spangler for providing a wonderful product! (Posted on 10/19/09)

Handy test tubes for projects Review by Laurel

Baby Soda Bottles are the handiest containers going. I use them in a wide variety of science projects and crafts. They are great for groups with tendencies toward distruction. These little tubes are vertually indistructable and the lids are air tight. (Posted on 8/30/09)

So Many Fun Ideas to Use Baby Soda Bottles Review by julie ross

We have used the science baby soda bottles for a lot of fun activities. We used them recently for our Juniors in highschool to make "time calpsules" and they wrote letters to themselves which they can open at the end of the "senior highschool year." They can be decorated with permanent sharpie markers and curly ribbon.
We also used them for "MOPS"- Mothers of Preschoolers", Intl. as "birthday gifts" to each mom on their birthday. We filled them with bright candy, tied a curly ribbon on, with a
happy birthday card and a list of all the fun experiments they can do with their children with
a baby soda bottle! (Posted on 7/6/09)

Science party lava lamps Review by Amanda

I bought these for my sons 7th birthday party which was a science theme party. The kids made lava lamps with them and it was such a big hit. The party was great and the kids thought it was so great that they got to take them home with them. (Posted on 6/15/09)

Strong and Durable Review by MargieS

These are really nice test tubes with screw-on lids. I'm not sure why Spangler calls them baby soda bottles, they're really test tubes! Either way, they are very thick and sturdy. They can be used for A LOT of science activities - in fact, they come with a BIG list of ideas! I used them most recently to make glow "lava lamps" at my son's 9th Birthday party. I got the idea from this web site. I also used them to make "space wands" at a 3-year old Buzz Loghtyear party (we filled them with blue water, vegetable oil, various beads, glitter, and small plastic space ships.) Once the lid is on, little ones can shake, drop, and beat these tubes and they won't break! (Posted on 6/7/09)

Insta-Worm Review by Barbara

This is always a very popular and cool experiment for kids and adults! (Posted on 5/24/09)

Test tubes Review by Barbara

Great set! (Posted on 5/10/09)

lava lamps were a hit! Review by jlee

all the girls at my daughter's Mad Science party loved this experiment! the tubes were the perfect size and thick so you don't have to worry about them breaking open. would def. add this experiment to any party...very cool. (Posted on 4/4/09)

Baby Soda Bottles are great! Review by Lynda Kennepp

We ordered these for my daughter's birthday as part of a "CSI" Themed party. They are great! Size is fun and we were able to not only use them for the "experiment", but we could also fill them with candy to place in their favor boxes. Kids loved them! I included some experiment instructions in each favor box, so they could take them home and enjoy them! (Posted on 3/2/09)

Great little test tubes! Review by Colin Macdonald

The bottles are very sturdy and the rack is cleverly designed to be easy to put together. (Posted on 2/21/09)

Fantastic Review by JennR

My students have used these for a variety of projects. *We have watched roots grow, *Made wave bottles with colored water and baby oil(it stays clear and is safer than lamp oil and smells better too)., and *Watched as white flowers turned whatever color we decided to put in the tube. My students can't get enough of them and are always asking for "tube experiments". They're even great for Halloween parties. Everyone wants to be a mad scientist! (Posted on 1/11/09)

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  • 15 cm (5.75") tall
  • 2.5 cm (1") in diameter
  • Holds approximately 50 mL (1.75 ounces) of liquid
  • Caps feature soda-bottle threading with seal ring.


  • Are they indestructible?
    For the most part.  We put some baby soda bottles through very rigorous testing including dishwashing, dropping, and stomping on and they were unharmed.  They survived every test that we put them through until Drew treated it as a baseball and threw his 90 mph fastball at a brick wall, in which the bottle did not survive.  Also, it is not flame proof and does melt under extreme heat.

  • Why are they called Baby Soda Bottles?

    Over the years, Steve Spangler coined the name Baby Soda Bottle™ (BSB) for this test tube looking container because its home is actually in the bottling industry. At the bottling plant, the tubes are placed into a vacuum mold and heated so they soften. Hot air is then blown into the tube, stretching the warmed plastic to 40 times its original size to become a 2-liter soda bottle. When the plastic cools into the shape of the mold, the bottle is ready to fill with your favorite refreshing drink. So, you can see why it’s referred to as a Baby Soda Bottle.