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Backyard Bouncing Bubbles – Head Outside for Sick Science! Summer Camp

By Blog Editor Susan Wells I've never met a kid or adult who could resist blowing bubbles. There is something about a bubble - the rainbow of colors, the fragility, the perfect circle. There is always a contest for who can blow the biggest…

Bubble Bubble on the Wall, Who's the Squarest of Them All?

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles! It's one of the most memorable scenes from Finding Nemo. We also love bubbles at Steve Spangler Science. The science of bubbles is as fascinating as bubbles are engaging. First, start with a good bubble…

How Do You Make a Square Bubble?

All you need to create the perfect bubble is a bowl of water, a little Dawn dish soap and a pipette. A little glycerin won't hurt either. Bubbles are always round, right? But how do you make that round bubble square? It's easier than you think.…