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500 Soda Geysers at NSTA Convention

Thousands of science teachers found their way to St. Louis for the 2007 National Science Teachers Association convention, and we wanted to make sure they had something to take back to their students. So, we loaded our trucks with experiments…

The hardest thing about teaching science – not enough hours in the day

In a 2003 survey, elementary teachers said the hardest thing about teaching science was "I don't have enough time in the day"?. In that survey supervisors were asked the same question. Their responses related to not enough materials or staff…

How to be an amazing teacher by taking the lid off the box

How to be amazing teacher? Try this! Get organized. The hardest thing is to take all the ideas we learn at conferences, workshops and seminars and put them to use. Don't put science demonstrations in a closed box - because they will stay there.…