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Ice Skating – A Classic Lesson in Physics

The Olympics may be over, but teachers and parents are still using the science behind the games to educate children. Ice skating is a classic lesson in physics. When an ice skater spins, they are using angular momentum. In a spin, their arms…

The Science of Figure Skating at the Olympics

Every four years, the stakes get higher for figure skaters at the Olympics as they try to increase rotation in the air with their triple axels and quadruple toe loops. Figure skating is one of the most demanding sports at the Olympics. It…

Spangler Failed to Qualify for the Olympic Team – Revealing Video Tells Why

The Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies are Friday night and to celebrate, the Morning Men of 9News tried out for Team USA. Okay, I'm a science geek, but I've always dreamed of being an Olympic athlete. To realize this dream, I joined my on-air…