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Steve Visits Dom and Jane Charity Marathon

After returning from taping the Ellen DeGeneres Show in Burbank, California, Steve brought some sounds of science to the Dom and Jane Charity Marathon for the Food Bank of the Rockies Friday. Steve shared a few of his favorite science sounds…
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The Big Brain Club Teaches Kids that Smart is Cool

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Peer pressure is a state of being and survival for school age children. Kids deal with daily pressure to have the right clothes, say the right things and own the right possessions. The pressure bounces off the charts…

Science Experiments on the Radio – Dom and Jane at Mix 100 in Denver Host Steve Spangler

Doing science demonstrations on the radio can be a little challenging because... well... because listeners can't see what's going on in the studio. But the challenge to come up with audible science is too cool to pass up, and that's why I enjoy…