Film Canister Sets at Steve Spangler Science

Need a secure storage receptacle for your science collection specimens? Looking for replacement lab supplies for your at-home or in-class Steve Spangler Science experiments? You’re in the right place for a great selection of science lab supply items, including our clever film canister sets with convenient and secure snap-top lids.

Sturdy Storage and Experiment Supplies

These small and sturdy storage canisters are a great way to keep powders, specimens and other small items safe and secure. They’re also amazing in our super-fun experiments like Pop Your Top or Canister Launcher. Each experiment provides an explosive, memorable lesson that demonstrates different aspects and principles of science, providing a BIG moment with that WOW factor that Steve Spangler Science is known for!

Lab Supplies for all Your Steve Spangler Science Experiments

Our affordable lidded canister sets are just some of the unique lab supplies you can find here at Steve Spangler Science. Shop here for all of the accessories and additions to your favorite Steve Spangler Science activities, experiments and kits. Here is where you’ll find science lab supply products, like beakers, petri dishes, batteries, black lights, test tubes and more.

Online Science Experiment Inspo

For inspiration and ideas, don’t miss our online library of the best Steve Spangler Science experiments. They’re a great way to teach kids science, including physics, chemistry and biology, with age-appropriate lessons and instructions that will pique their interest and get them involved in and excited about science!

Steve Spangler Science: Your Science Education Leader

Steve Spangler Science is the science industry leader in getting kids excited and passionate about science. First and foremost, our goal is to inspire the next generation of STEMologists by providing hands-on activities, fun products and unique science-themed ideas. What started out as a traveling science show over 25 years ago has turned into an essential, trusted source for educators and parents wishing to bring that WOW factor into their own homes and classrooms. Shop here for the best science fair ideas, science kits and more.