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Big Bag of Science

Quick Overview

It's an ENORMOUS science kit containing loads of Spangler favorites for a great value. The 30-page instruction manual will guide you and your young scientist through each experiment with easy to follow directions and simple science explanations.


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If you remember your first chemistry set as a kid, the Big Bag of Science is the perfect starter kit for your young scientist. From spewing soda geysers to vanishing liquids, growing jelly marbles, erupting snow powder and twisting tornadoes, the Be Bag of Science is a great gift year-round for children ages 6 and up. Enjoy 70 experiments created by Steve Spangler for his own young scientists. Now your kitchen can look like his year-round.

It's an ENORMOUS science kit containing loads of Spangler favorites for a great value. The 30-page instruction manual will guide you and your young scientist through each experiment with easy to follow directions and simple science explanations.

What's Included?

  • 30-page instruction book
  • Insta-Snow® powder
  • Water Gel™
  • Gravity Goo™ powder
  • Garbled marbles
  • Superabsorbent cubes
  • True Colors™ tablets
  • Color changing paper
  • Non-newtonian powder
  • Superabsorbent crystals
  • Worm goo
  • Worm activator
  • Slime goo
  • Energy beads 
  • Geyser Tube™
  • Twister tube
  • 30 page instruction manual

What Does It Teach?

The Big Bag of Science uses materials covering multiple fields of science to help develop specific skills.  You'll use physical science, chemistry, life science, and biology to learn about observation techniques, measurements, experimentation, and classification.

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Warning - Balloon Choking Hazard

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  1. Great product! My students loved it. review by Theresa Porter on 12/15/2014

    Only problem is this year I was going to do some of the experiments and I can't find the instruction booklet that goes with it. Is there anyway I can get a new instruction pamphlet book. I still have plenty of experiments left to do. Thanks!!

  2. Fun but needs improvements to work review by Kim on 4/6/2013

    Love all the experiments and excited to do them for my kids but disappointed that the descriptions on the bags and the descriptions in the instruction manual do not match. It asks for worm activator. I had to get online and watch the experiment to see that it was a calcium solution. I now know that the calcium chloride powder is worm activator. Then they also say just squirt in the worm soln but the bottle doesn't have a squirt top like the video shows. Lots of deductive reasoning needed to do these experiments. The labeling needs to coordinate with the instructions. (I am a middle school science teacher and had trouble figuring out what they wanted me to do).
    In a different experiment I had to guess which crystals to use as there are a couple polymer crystals in the kit. I think any of them would work fine but better labeling would improve this kit.

    Kim - 
    Thank you for the feedback! We are aware of these problems and are working to get them changed as quickly as possible. Give us a call if you have any other problems and we'll do what we can to help!
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  3. School Teacher K-2 review by Ginny Summerlin on 3/2/2013

    Overall, this was a great product to expose kids to a wide variety of experiments. My class really enjoyed it. We had a little trouble with the labeling of ingredients. I will have to order another bag soon for my own children.

  4. Not very happy review by D.Shepard on 1/15/2013

    We opened this kit to use and we are missing the instruction book....I am having a really hard time trying to find one as well. Not a very happy mom and 10 year old boy.

    D. Shepard-
    We're extremely sorry to hear about your missing instruction manual. One of our customer service reps will be getting in touch with you to make sure you get your hands on a replacement!
    -Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  5. Big Bag of Science review by Cindy Miller on 12/3/2012

    Lots of fun things to do and learn from. Would of been a BIG help to know about all the items that needed to be perchased to complete the experiments before it was unwrapped as a gift. Items should be listed on the website in the description!!!

  6. Share the Love and Science!!! review by Terri Vrasich on 11/21/2012

    I've enjoyed Steve Spangler products so much at the preschool I direct so I decided to buy this set for my granddaughter's preschool in Maryland. Here's hoping they will enjoy the many hands on experiences in this bag.

  7. Confusion is in the bag review by Adam Bonus on 10/2/2012

    The science experiments are really cool...they are. But what's not really cool is the way a couple of the bags are labeled. For example, one experiment calls for "Non-Newtonian Powder." The only problem is that none of the bags of ingredients is labeled "Non-Newtonian Powder." What they actually mean is the bag labeled "Cornstarch." Unless you can read minds, it takes a lot of investigation to figure that out. Also, if the directions call for "Worm Activator" they actually mean "Calcium Chloride." This is all very frustrating when your 7 year old son (who LOVES science) wants to do a science experiment from the kit you just bought for him and has to wait while you search over and over for something that doesn't appear to be there.

    Also, incidentally, we didn't receive the "Twister Tube" in our kit at all.

  8. OK review by Sarah on 8/22/2012

    Overall, this was a decent product to expose kids to a wide variety of experiments, however, the products that were included were poorly labeled; we had to stop in the middle of a few things so I could get online to check to make sure we were using the correct ingredients.

  9. Insta-Worm Hit! review by Sharon on 8/9/2012

    I am letting you know that the Insta-Worms were a great success for the 4-H project that we presented for our local Duck Days in Lake Crystal, MN. The 4-H Butternut Boosters relied on your services and delivered a fun, and exciting project for our club to present to the community. Thank you for your wonderful exploration into science, that makes science fun! You're Da' Bomb!

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