5-pack Test Tube Bundle

5 Great Kits – 1 Awesome Bundle!

  • Just add water to make gallons of white fluffy snow in seconds with Insta-Snow® Powder Test Tube
  • Discover a hydrophobic polymer! Yes, sand that never gets wet with Magic Sand Test Tube
  • Make water disappear like a magician with Water Gel™ Test Tube
  • Grow pebble-size spheres into colored jelly marbles after you soak them in water for a few hours with Colorful Growing Orbs
  • Grow polymers that absorb 150 times their weight in water with Jelly Marbles™ Test Tube
  • All kits are easy and safe to use! Parental supervision is required.
  • Bundle includes: Insta-Snow® Powder Test Tube, Magic Sand Test Tube, Water Gel™ Test Tube, Colorful Growing Orbs Test Tube and Jelly Marbles™ Test Tube

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