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Product Spotlight – Kinetic Sand

We have a lot of cool stuff cross our desks at the Spangler Labs, and kinetic sand is one of them. Occasionally there's one that really stands out, even amongst all of the awesome stuff found in our store. We were all excited when Kinetic Sand joined our catalog late this summer. Kinetic Sand looks like plain old sand, but this is not [...]

Staff Spotlight on JJ – Master of Production

Q: Tell us a little about who you are… A: I am a very personable and outgoing person who loves to make the best out of every situation. I feel as though no man or woman is better than the next and that we all need to work close to one another to really expand our horizons in life. Having the privilege to work [...]

Staff Spotlight on Randy in Production

Q: Tell us a little about who you are… A:  I am a Denver boy who's tried his hand on the east coast, west coast, Japan and Texas and have found no greater place to be than Denver.  I have a band called Total Ghost that I spend a lot of time outside of work in and I love to snowboard in [...]

Exciting Product Development – Color Changing Energy Beads Turn Green

I always know that the Spangler Science Product Development Team is going to hit a home run... but I was especially excited when they told me that we were going to have green Solar Beads available for the first time and as the only supplier on the internet.  Maybe I went a little overboard suggesting that we find beads that match [...]

Toy Product Testing – Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Don't be surprised if you start seeing your favorite toy catalogs and educational toy websites (hopefully is in your list) sporting new product warning labels. It's not gesture of good will - it's the law - and retailers who fail to comply face serious fines. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 was the toy safety legislation recently passed increase [...]

Colorado Inventor's Showcase – How to Turn an Idea into a Product

The world is filled with great ideas, but few people know how to turn an idea into a product. But that's just the start of the uphill climb. Product ideas need money to grow from the prototype stage to the initial production run. Did anyone mention the creativity and capital needed to get consumers interested in the product? And that's [...]

The Spangler Science Club

If your child has expressed an interest in science, or even if he/she hasn't, a membership in the Spangler Science Club is the perfect gift, for no child can resist a box full of awesome toys and experiments every month in the mail! With the help and advice of science teachers and education experts from all over the nation, Steve Spangler has [...]
Teach Sun Safety with UV Beads

Teach Sun Safety with UV Beads

There are so many creative things to make and do with Spangler Science's Color Changing UV Beads - that we're going to focus on how they teach sun safety. Our UV Color Changing Beads are pony beads that are treated so that they react with the sun's UV rays.  The beads are snow white when they are not in the sun, and then turn [...]
A Variety of Results with Insta-Snow Powder

A Variety of Results with Insta-Snow Powder

Steve Spangler's Insta-Snow is not only a useful science experiment, science fair project, gardening or decorating activity; it is also a ton of fun!  When you play with it using martini glasses, it's even more fun.  Okay, they were plastic martini glasses from the dollar store.  Tell me these aren't elegant. I always get the bucket of Insta-Snow because I use it [...]
The Spangler Science Experience Wows Kid City

The Spangler Science Experience Wows Kid City

Bloomington, Indiana's Kid City had a Spangler Science experience this week at Ivy Tech Community College, and according to a very professional exit poll it was a big hit!   After building models with marshmallows and toothpicks, (the winner took home an Insta-Snow prize) a trip to the restroom to wash all that marshmallow dust off our hands was in order.  Before the [...]