Weather and Climate Experiments Experiments

Simple Kids’ Weather Experiments

Learn about our planet’s climate with weather experiments for kids from Steve Spangler Science. Learn how to make rainbow-colored snow. Create a tornado in a bottle, or create a cloud in a jar.

When science experiment about weather involves creating a ‘tornado’ in a plastic soda bottle, you’re creating a vortex forms when gravity pulls the liquid through the bottle’s opening. The result is a tiny rotating tornado inside your bottle.

Weather and Science

Learn about the science of lightning, which is a huge, dangerous charge of static electricity that result in lightning that can hurt or destroy property and people. Our kid-safe lightning experiment involves creating a very, very tiny amount of static electricity. Did you know that lightning rains nitrogen down onto soil that’s used by plants to grow and thrive?

Buy our very, very affordable trademarked Insta-Snow powder starter kit to learn about and experiment with our fake snow that you can use without having to put on your mittens. Make your own weather vane to help forecast the weather. Learn how to make a thermometer using ordinary water and other items at your home or school.

Weather Science at School

If you’re a teacher, purchase our Pearl Swirl rheoscopic concentrate for classroom experiments and demonstrations on how ocean currents and other motions affect our planet’s weather systems. We have books and kits specifically designed for classroom science activities.

Learn about our STEM teaching workshops that can be scheduled at your school. If you have questions, fill out our Contact Us form for fast answers from our science-savvy team at our Colorado headquarters. Learn about our next Science at Sea adventure.

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