Table Tricks Experiments Experiments

The Science Behind Table Tricks

Learn how to perform a “magic” table trick with the help of Steve Spangler Science. These table experiments range from optical illusions to real jumping soda cans. Learn how to perform table tricks using ordinary sugar cubes.

Entertaining Experiments

Light a match to get started mastering our levitating matchstick table trick. Our tablecloth trick kit contains everything you need to perform the trick, plus a how-to guide with a handy explanation of Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Call yourself a science magician when you perform Steve Spangler’s floating bottle trick experiment. Learn how to make a glass bottle burp. Discover how to perform Steve Spangler’s Amazing Human Table Trick Science Experiment.

The Science Behind Table Tricks

Every free table trick or inexpensive table trick kit from Steve Spangler Science focuses on the science behind what can look like magic. Science fans can learn about the discoveries of history’s great scientists.

Some table tricks center on the science of gravity and balanced forces. Others focus on learning how electrodes conduct electricity. Learn about the workings of compressed air molecules. Every school and at-home science experiment includes a “how does it work” report on the science behind the trick.

More Fun Table Tricks

At the Steve Spangler Science website, you can easily type in search words for favorite table tricks. Find illustrated guides to the Disappearing Money trick, the Walking on Eggshells trick or the Diving Ketchup trick.

Watch Steve Spangler himself show you how table tricks work on his The Spangler Effect YouTube channel. Making science fun and accessible for all ages can encourage a lifelong love of science. Get a free subscription to our experiment-a-week program, plus special offers, when you join our email list.

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