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Summer Camp Science Experiments

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Our summer camp science activities for kids from Steve Spangler Science will create hours of science learning fun inside and outdoors. If you’re hosting a science camp, we have science camp activities designed for specific age groups. Any summer day camp or summer school can use our free summer camp experiments.’

Summer Art and Science

There’s no need to pack lots of extra materials for summer camp science experiments, when you can use our inexpensively priced Steve Spangler’s Slime Art in vibrant colors available by the liter or gallon.

Our gooey slime is made with a PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) solution. The Activator Solution links together the long polymer chains that forms what kids tell us is the world’s best slime.

With plenty of Slime Art on hand, summer camp instructors can host lessons on science and states of matter. Kids can learn about the science of polymers. Use our guide to making slime art stained glass window projects.

Summer Science Fun

Kids can learn outside with our PVC Rocket Launcher experiment or Smoke Bomb Smoke Ring Launcher science activity. Use all that sunshine to create sun sensitive fabric that works like photographic paper.

Enjoy free access to all of our summer camp and summer school science activities. Find illustrated step-by-step instructions that accompany each experiment, and then learn about the scientific principles behind the results of our amazing summer camp science activities and experiments.

Summer camp kids can learn how to create homemade kaleidoscopes for hours of outside fun. Watch our video on how to make bubble snakes. When it’s raining outside, it’s easy to search our website for table trick instructions (based on science, of course) to entertain kids for an afternoon or morning.

Visit our Steve Spangler Science Store for bargain buys in summer camp science lab equipment and science experiment ingredients.

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