States of Matter Experiments – Steve Spangler Science Experiments

States of Matter Science Experiments

You can make instant snow or homemade stained glass, thanks to easy at-home States of Matter experiments from Steve Spangler Science. For a science shortcut, see our inexpensive Insta-Snow Powder in a pouch from Steve Spangler Science. Our Changing States of Matter experiments are ideal for home or classrooms.

To use a trademarked Insta-Snowball set, simply pour three scoops into one cup, and fill a second cup with warm water. Quickly pour the water into the cup containing Insta-Snow powder, and pour your freshly made “snow” on a flat surface, making a pile.

Pour a small amount of water from another cup into the center of the snow pile. Pour more Insta-Snow – enough to cover the hole made by the poured water. Scoop from beneath with your hand to lift out your instant snowball.

Fun with Science
At Steve Spangler Science, you’ll find out how to make something move or change forms, and learn how or why it works. You can use ingredients you can find at home, or you can use inexpensive ingredients from Steve Spangler’s laboratory.

Learn about the scientific states of matter when you learn how to make stained glass sugar from ordinary sugar that can be transformed into “glass.” In the process, you’ll learn about the science behind the “hard crack” stage of making candy.

See our collection of kids-love-it vampire slime, which includes a battery-powered black light to watch the “slime” turn from green to blood red when you hold it up to the light. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to the concept of chemical bonding and the cross-linking of molecules.

Science-Minded Gift Ideas
Love experiments for kids? See our 50 Experiments for 50 Days by Steve Spangler. Our science kits make great gifts, and you can shop by age to find the just-right introduction to the fun of science for children of any age.
Our holiday gift guide for curious kids contains fun gifts for less than $10.

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