Science Fair Experiments Experiments

Easy Science Fair Experiments

For easy science fair experiments, your all-in-one source is Steve Spangler Science. We have science fair projects involving simple items found at home, and science fair projects made easier with our science fair-in-a-box kits.

Entertaining Science Fair Experiments

Because science can be fun, Steve Spangler’s popular collection of science fair experiments are educational and entertaining. Kids can learn about the strength of neodymium magnets versus ordinary magnets while presenting our entertaining Eating Nails for Breakfast science fair experiment.

Center a science fair experiment on film canister launchers or growing bacteria in petri dishes. Or, create Cornstarch Monsters to demonstrate the force of sound. Our just-add-water non-Newtonian Oobleck in a box is an inexpensive shortcut to setting up the materials needed for this entertaining science fair experiment.

Best Science Fair Kits

Our most popular science fair kit is our Growing Bacteria science fair kit. With this kit’s petri dishes, swabs, plastic beaker and more, you can grow bacteria (in this case, nutrient agar) in a hands-on science fair experiment that will focus on the workings of bacteria growth.

For a science fair project involving electricity, our trademarked Giant Energy Stick offers a safe way to conduct experiments using electrical currents. With this science fair kit on the science of electricity and currents, a child can demonstrate how to become a human conductor of electricity.

For a science fair kit brimming with different science fair project ideas, our Newton’s Antics STEM science fair kitcontain five distinct experiments that demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion. All our science fair kits come with illustrated guides, and ideas on how to expand or change experiments.

To help get ready for your science fair project display, see our Top 10 Tips on Science Fair Displays from our science fair project teams at Steve Spangler Science.

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