Rocks and Minerals Experiments Experiments

Rocks and Minerals Science Experiments

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Our rocks and minerals experiments for kids from Steve Spangler Science combine easy rock experiments with lots of science-based “why” and “how” explanations. Learn how to make homemade rock candy. Use materials found around your home, or buy our science experiment kits with all the materials and instructions you need for your next experiment.

Meteorites and Science

Or, learn how to use magnetic materials found on the ground for our entertaining A Meteorite Hit My House science experiment for kids. When you have a magnet, the magnet can attract magnetic debris that scientists say has been scattered all over the plant.

Bits of magnetic debris that adults can find in building rain gutters might be space dust or micro-meteorites that fell onto the earth after being washed by rain or snow onto the planet’s surface. Kids can use an old window screen or piece of fine mesh to separate meteorites from other debris.

Science Rocks

Discover lots of experiments exploring the makeup of rocks and minerals at Steve Spangler Science. Learn how to make our Incredible Egg Geodes using ordinary eggs. Learn how to make washing soda stalactites.

Discover how to transform mineral and rock science activities into science fair experiments by changing ingredients and/or methods to observe and report changes. Does your breakfast cereal contain metal? Try our Eating Nails for Breakfast experiment to look for iron inside those breakfast flakes.

Search our website for science topics that you want to learn about, and find matching experiments. Sign up to receive a free experiment each week by email from Steve Spangler’s Science Lab. Or, subscribe to our Steve Spangler Science Club for experiments to be shared by kids and grownups at school or at home.

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