Plants and Animals Experiments Experiments

Experiments with Plants and Animals

We have plants and animals experiments at Steve Spangler Science that will explore animals sciences and our planet. Discover free earth science experiments and more – all tried, tested and approved by Steve Spangler and a team of science educators.

Green Science for Kids

Kids can learn how to make environmentally friendly seed balls at home or at the school garden. Shape clay into flat round discs. Press seeds and soil onto the disc and roll up in a ball. Then, plant in a garden or pot for this plant experiment.

When you follow our free guide to making seed balls, you’ll also learn about how seed balls conserve water and reclaim otherwise unused areas of a garden. See our experiment on how to soak up oil spills.

You can also learn how to conserve water with our plant science experiment growing plants by sprouting seeds in test tubes.

Snakes, Seals and Science

Read our entertaining Teaching with Snakes report about a science teacher who likes sharing what snakes teach us about science. She uses the example of the infrared sensing ability of certain snakes to teach about the electromagnetic spectrum. Newton’s Laws of Motion can be applied to snake locomotion.

You don’t need to have a snake on the premises to study science and snakes. For example, students can use tuning forks to “hear” the same way snakes hear sounds. Kids can learn lots about science from scientific observations of animals.

You don’t have to live at the North Pole to know that seals and whales have something inside them that insulates them from freezing water. It’s a thick layer of body fat called blubber. In fact, some marine mammals have so much blubber; it accounts for 50% of their bodies.

Learn how to make animal science experiment blubber gloves filled with shortening (another fat!) that you can find in a kitchen cabinet to insulate a human hand. For more fun science experiments, subscribe to Steve Spangler’s Science Club.

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