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Making Magnets and Magnet Experiments

Attract any kid’s attention with the science of magnets from Steve Spangler Science. Our magnet experiments will show you how to make homemade magnets. Learn how to make magnetic slime.

Purchase a kit of iron filings with magnet experiments included. Want to learn how to make your own compass?

Magnetic Fun

For this magnet project, all you need is a magnet, a sewing needle and a red Sharpie. First, rub one end of the needle with the “north” pole of your magnet 50 times. Use the red marker to color the “north” end of your magnet. Rub the opposite end of your sewing needle with the “south” pole of your magnet.

Cut a 1-in. circle on a piece of wax paper. Thread the needle partway through the wax paper circle, and position the needle lying flat on the surface. Float the wax paper on the surface of a puddle of water, so that the ends of the needle are on top of the wax paper.

While the needle and paper float on the surface of the water, the needle will rotate, and the red end of the needle will point north. That’s because you leave behind a little magnetic material when you rub the needle with your magnet, which magnetizes the needle.

Parents or teachers can demonstrate how it works, or work side by side with younger children to create a homemade magnet for this experiment with magnets.

STEM Adventures

Making science fun for more than 25 years is what has led Steve Spangler Science to become one of the country’s leading advocates of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or just someone who loves to experiment, Steve Spangler Science is your source for free experiments and inexpensively priced science kits.

Many kids were first introduced to Steve Spangler Science via the worldwide popularity of the original Mentos (a chewy mint candy brand) and Diet Coke video, which you can still see on YouTube.

In fact, his YouTube show, “The Spangler Effect,” and other Steve Spangler YouTube channels has since attracted more than 1 million subscribers and more than 380 million viewers. If you haven’t seen it, watch our exploding soda results from dropping Mentos into a diet cola.

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