Light and Sound Experiments Experiments

Light and Sound Experiments

Help children learn about the science of light and sound with sound and light experiments for kids from Steve Spangler Science. Our physics sound experiments and light experiments, include discoveries that can be made in classrooms or at home.

In an era of reuse and recycle to help conserve our planet’s resources, many of Steve Spangler’s environmentally friendly science experiments for children rely on bits of used fabric, extra paper, tape and cardboard paper towel rolls that might otherwise have been discarded.

Sunshine is a favorite way to learn about the science of light transmission. Learn how to use sunlight to conduct an experiment for kids making sun sensitive fabrics. Kids can recycle emptied paper towel rolls to make homemade kaleidoscopes.

Older kids can learn how to make homemade light sabers and light bulbs, thanks to some of the dozens of free science experiments online at Steve Spangler Science. You can also order inexpensively priced experiment ingredients, with all instructions included, of course, from our website. Can’t decide on a gift? Buy your favorite young scientist a Steve Spangler gift certificate.

Teacher Favorites

Among teacher favorites for teaching science in the classroom is our STEM Science Kit Bundle from Steve Spangler Science that helps teach the basics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With 17 experiments included in one bundle, this teacher’s favorite science instruction tool is also a fun gift for large families that will delight children of all ages and interests.

Our science books are bestsellers, too. Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution tested and approved all 50 experiments included in the book, 10-Minute Science Experiments, by Steve Spangler. This inexpensive science book for children will inspire hours of hands-on adventures in scientific discoveries.

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