Energy Experiments and Kits Experiments

The Science of Energy for Kids

Curious kids learn how energy works when they perform energy science experiments from Steve Spangler Science. Our energy experiments for kids include mystery balloon pops and other simple energy transfer experiments.

For an energy science projects that make great kids’ science fair demonstrations, our trademarked Energy Stick Science Kit is a best buy for your home or a classroom. This kid-safe kit will show kids ages 8 years old and up how their own bodies conduct electricity, and how electrons flow through circuits.

Energy Experiments and STEM

The modern educational focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) has already evolved to include art (STEAM). Early learning in all fields can steer children toward success in school and in life.

Our discount-priced energy experiment kits can help inspire the imaginations and intellects of the next generation of scientists, artists and engineers.

Kids and parents can enjoy the myriad benefits of dual-generation learning when they subscribe to the Steve Spangler Science Club, which will introduce new STEM concepts through our STEM experiments in a box delivered to your home each month.

The Language of Energy

Kids can learn about kinetic energy when they try our free wind-up racer experiment for kids. Or, help your kids learn how chemical energy is converted into electrical energy when you supervise their work creating a fruit-powered battery using pennies, nails and lemons.

Children can learn about insulation and energy when a boy or girl scientist performs a silly, but scientific blubber glove experiment. The language of science will quickly expand young learners’ vocabularies. Their minds become more adaptable to new words and concepts. With plenty of new science words at their disposal, children become more precise at describing their activities.

Steve Spangler has been introducing the marvels of science to children around the world for more than 25 years. At Steve Spangler Science, you’ll discover dozens of free science experiments for toddlers to teens.

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