Easy Electricity Experiments Experiments

Simple Electricity Experiments for Children

Find simple electricity experiments for kids at Steve Spangler Science. Learn how to make electric cornstarch using cornstarch and a little vegetable oil. Create a homemade lightbulb. Most of the best science projects on electricity rely on simple items found around the house.

Electricity Experiment Kits

Electricity projects are easy with the use of Steve Spangler’s kid-famous Energy Stick Science Kit. You can learn about electricity and energy while performing any of the five electricity experiments – with ingredients for each. Use this kit as inspiration for a school science fair project.

The Science Behind Electricity Tricks

Show children how to perform electricity tricks backed by science. One favorite Steve Spangler electricity tricks involves creating a homemade light saber.

Or, learn how to create a “magic” levitating balloon with assistance from the science of static electricity. Watch how it’s done on Steve Spangler’s popular Sick Science YouTube page, which includes a free how-to-video on making floating balloons with static electricity.

Electricity is a form of energy that occurs naturally (Example: lightning) or produced (Example: an electric motor). You can learn about the Science of Lightning using ordinary balloons that’s a fun activity for young scientists and adult science fans.

When kids start learning about science at an early age, they’re accumulating skills and knowledge that will help them throughout their school years. They expand their vocabulary when learning new science words, and they hone their problem-solving skills.

Many science projects involve learning about science, technology, engineering and math – STEM skills. Steve Spangler Science kits encourage children to be science-savvy learners.

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