Experiments with Color Experiments

The Science of Colors Experiments

Find color science experiments for kids at Steve Spangler Science. With a little food coloring and sugar, children can demonstrate that art and science can combine to create whirls of colorful stained glass displays.

Colorful Experiments for Kids

To make colorful snow, use our inexpensive Insta-Snow packs and ordinary food coloring. Color and chemistry fundamentals come together with the use of our kid-friendly glow-in-the-dark Atomic string slime from Steve Spangler.

These science of color kits make fun gifts. You can also order in bulk for classroom experiments on a budget. Also see our science and color experiments involving the use of ordinary objects found in most homes.

50+ Science Experiments

More than 50 color-based science experiments on our pages will show kids how to add colors to flowers, change the colors of sports drinks or make color-changing wheels. Let kids try our color changing experiments involving milk with a dab or two of chemistry lessons, or make tie-dye crafts with Sharpie markers.

Combine the science behind density and colors with our popular colorful liquid layers experiment. All you need to make layers of colors inside ordinary straws are these ingredients: salt, water, a teaspoon, clear drinking straws, food coloring and cups. Create your liquid layers in the classroom or in your kitchen at home. Even grownups will want to get in on the fun.

For amazing deals on colorful slime art and more, see our Clearance page for kid science bargains. Join more than 450,000 fellow fans when you become a subscriber to The Spangler Effect YouTube channel to watch demonstrations of popular science experiments for kids. On this channel, in addition to learning how science works, you can learn how to perform science tricks and play science pranks.

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