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Easy Chemistry Experiments and Kits

Chemistry is fun for kids when it’s a matter of interesting chemistry experiments from Steve Spangler Science. Our cool chemistry experiments include how to make and send secret messages using lemon juice and a cotton swab.

Learn simple chemistry experiments that involve everyday items. For example, see our kid-favorite candy chemistry experiments.

Chemistry at Home

Kids who are introduced to science at the earliest ages are more likely to develop a lifelong love of science. They expand their vocabulary every time a parent or teacher introduces a new scientific term. They learn problem-solving skills and, when working with other kids or grownups, they develop new social skills.

See our free at-home chemistry experiments that include making a rocket with ordinary baking soda and vinegar. You can show kids how to shrink a potato chip bag in your microwave oven. Help older kids learn how to make a “rocket” powered skateboard. Steve Spangler Science is your source for hundreds of possible school science fair projects.

Chemistry in the Classroom

Decorate a classroom for the winter holidays with our Magic Crystal Snowflake kits for kids. Our Atomic Slime classroom kits contain ingredients to make slime for 24 students.

PreK kids as young as 4 years old can learn about colors and making art with colors with the use of our popular Pinch and Mix Classroom Kit. Kids can also watch entertaining demonstrations of experiments on the Steve Spangler Science Facebook page.

Science teachers can turn to in-person help from Steve Spangler. The advanced digital studios of Steve Spangler Science offer live or on-demand content and online courses for instructors, teacher workshops, professional development conferences and other meetings.

More than 150,000 educators have participated in Steve Spangler workshops, science boot camps and STEM institutes. Workshops include take-home workshop kits. For more information, call 855-228-8780.

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