Experiments with Air for Kids Experiments

Experiments with Air for Kids

Kids learn all about air with air science experiments from Steve Spangler Science. Our fun experiments with air will captivate children with the properties of air experiments that will add to their evolving knowledge base.

Experiments Related to Air for Kids

Our air-focused experiments includes the science of gas, and how it affects the movement of air and objects. When kids perform our famed Film Canister Launcher experiment, your budding physicists will learn how the build-up of carbon dioxide gas relates to Newton’s First Law of Motion. They’ll also learn how this easy experiment relates to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which is also known as Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Action and Reaction.

Steve Spangler Science has captivated a world of young learners by making science fun. You’ll find dozens of fun science experiments at Steve Spangler Science.

Invisible Stuff and Science

Just like air can seem invisible, so can germs and bacteria that can be transported in the air. With Steve Spangler’s Invisible Science Kit for kids, children will learn how bacteria grows in a petri dish and conduct experiments designed to challenge their critical thinking skills.

Our experiments using free or inexpensive materials have become favorite sources for school science fair projects. Because we include simple explanations with each experiment, school children can use these descriptions as homework to help them prepare science class papers or science display descriptions.

As children turn from the topic of air to the next of density or light and sound, Steve Spangler Science has a kit that will encourage their adventures in science. Our Steve Spangler Science gift certificates have become popular gifts for science fair winners and runners-up, as well as for learning-centered holiday gifts.

Balloon in a Bottle

Balloon in a Bottle Experiment - Properties of Air

Balloon in a Bottle How hard do you think it...
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