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DIY Sci - TV Show

Do-It-Yourself Science Show Inspires the Next Generation of Scientists & Engineers

YouTube star and classroom science teacher Steve Spangler will host his own national television series called DIY Sci starting this September on FOX affiliates across the country. The weekly series features jaw-dropping science experiments viewers can do at home using easy to find materials that are guaranteed to create moments of wonder.

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Episode #101 - Pressure

Host Steve Spangler shows experiments you can do at home that prove the power of air pressure. It all leads to an eye-popping demonstration where Steve makes a 55-gallon steel drum implode.


Episode #102 - Inertia

Ever wonder how to pull a tablecloth out from under the dishes of a set table? Host Steve Spangler shows you how to do it, along with other experiments you can do at home that prove the laws of inertia. It all leads to a demonstration of how to build your own hovercraft!


Episode #103 - Soda

Host Steve Spangler is famous for being the scientist who popularized throwing Mentos in a bottle of soda to create a gushing soda geyser. He “supersizes” that stunt with a hundred soda bottles! Plus, other demonstrations you can do at home that reveal the secrets of soda.


Episode #104 - Fluids

Host Steve Spangler shows you how to walk on water! Plus other unbelievable experiments you can do at home that all explore the question, “What is a fluid?”


Episode #105 - Power of Air

Host Steve Spangler shows you how to make your own automatic toilet paper launcher, using the same science principles that keep an airplane in the air. Plus, how you can create a do-it-yourself smoke ring bazooka and a high-speed ping pong ball launcher.