STEM Boot Camp
Classroom Kit



Purchase the STEM BOOT CAMP CLASSROOM KIT – exclusively offered to Steve Spangler’s workshop participants.

Imagine being able to purchase ONE KIT that includes all of the supplies needed to recreate every experience from Steve Spangler’s STEM Bootcamp training. That’s what you’ll receive in this giant classroom kit… and it’s only available to workshop participants.

Whether you attended Steve’s hands-on science workshop in person or you completed his online training (Virtual Science Workshop), this amazing classroom kit contains all of the unique supplies and hands-on learning materials needed for your students to experience each of the inquiry-based lessons from the workshop.

Steve helped us pull together all of the materials you’ll need to share your favorite STEM experiences from the workshop. From reusable plastic cups and zip-lock bags to measuring scoops and 1-liter bottles, Steve thought of everything he would want in his classroom. You’ll receive the perfect amount of supplies and resources for your students to test out their hypothesis again and again as they use the COMM approach – count, compare, classify, observe and measure. Your students will become fully engaged in the experimental inquiry process as you create experiences filled with wonder, discovery and exploration.