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Vacuum Packed Meteorologist Stays Fresh

When you think of something being vacuum-packed, it's usually to keep the food fresh. But I won't stop at keeping just my food fresh. I decided to try it on our local morning news meteorologist, Becky Ditchfield. I thought maybe we could keep her save from freezer burn for an experiment. One word of caution - DO NOT try this at [...]

Creating Discovery Bottles in a Kitchen Mad Scientist Lab

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Baby Soda Bottles get their name because they are actually plastic soda bottles before they are heated, stretched and blown up into the plastic bottles we all know. These perfect test tubes are large, clear and unbreakable. They can be dropped, kicked, stepped on and even thrown in the dishwasher. To go from Baby Soda Bottle to soda [...]

Leprechaun Science Secrets – The Best Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

During the month of March, everything starts to turn green, and not just the grass and trees. It's leprechaun season. Time to catch a sneaky little devil who hides gold coins while wreaking havoc all over. For years, we have shared our secret for surprising the kiddos on St. Paddy's Day morning by turning all of the water green in your house. [...]

Robotic Teaching Assistants Make Learning Fun in Washington Classroom

Very few teachers have teaching assistants who don’t ask for lunch breaks. Most won’t work for free either. Ted Gamble, a 3rd grade teacher at Meredith Hill Elementary School in Auburn, Washington, may have the most unique aides in his class. They don’t ask for lunch breaks because they don’t eat or breathe. No need to interview and hire these teaching assistants. Mr. [...]

Carnival of Education: Education Buzz

Welcome to the latest Education Buzz! Steve Spangler Science is honored to be your host this week. Education is all about connections, you know. Nothing exists in a vacuum, or even only within the four walls of a classroom. All things connect to all other things in one way or another. As educators, we encourage our students to [...]

Science in the Rockies Day 2

We are settling into our routine and getting to know the amazing teachers from across the country and world who have traveled to Denver to learn how to bring more science into their classrooms. Day 1 of Science in the Rockies was too fun. We explored the properties of air and even vacuum packed a few teachers for ultimate freshness. We [...]

Science Secrets of Curling – There's Something to All That Sweeping

Curling became an Olympic sport in 1998. It’s an unusual sport to many. The sport involves one player thrusting a huge “rock” or stone down a sheet of ice. Two other players sweep a path, guiding the rock to the center of the target called the “house.” At the end of play, the team with the most rocks near the center of [...]