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Vacuum Packed Meteorologist Stays Fresh

When you think of something being vacuum-packed, it’s usually to keep the food fresh. But I won’t stop at keeping just my food fresh. I decided to try it on our local morning news meteorologist, Becky Ditchfield. I thought maybe we could keep her save from freezer burn for an experiment. One word of caution […]


Rising Water Secret

RISING WATER SECRET Rising Water Secret Experiment Take it Further!! Take it Even Further! Science Fair Connection RISING WATER SECRET EXPERIMENT Experiment Procedure Fill the glass with water. Color the water using one of the Color Fizzers. The color helps you see what’s happening so let the tablet dissolve completely. Pour the entire glass of […]


Liquid Layers

Liquid Layers Experiment Experiment Using the 9 oz cups, put 1 tsp of salt into Cup #1, 2 tsp of salt into Cup #2, 3 tsp in #3, etc. up to #6. Writing a number on each cup may help data collection. With the salt in each cup, add 9 oz of warm (even hot) […]