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TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit

TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit

Engage young scientists with a guided adventure into microscopes and the microscopic world with the TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit. The TK2 Microscope is high-powered yet incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect microscope for kids 10 and up.
Snap Circuits Light

Snap Circuits Light

This incredible kit features 175 light and sound based activities that will have scientists constructing and connecting circuits while the lights sync up with their favorite songs.
6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit

The Mini 6-in-1 Solar Kit is one amazing solar panel that is strong enough to power a solar puppy, windmill, car, boat, and 2 types of planes – 6 kits for the price of one! The amount of renewable fun is almost as amazing as the renewable energy. Power a small motor that’s capable of spinning up to 12,000 RPM. This do-it-yourself kit will have scientists, young and old, entertained for hours.

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Lab Ladies: Welcoming Women in Science

Let’s get something straight: I possess a Y-chromosome and am a male. This single distinguishing factor, splitting our species in two since “a long time ago” was the present, means different things to different people. To the “funny” side of the internet, this means I’m frustratingly clueless. Car insurance agencies view me as more hazardous behind the wheel (until I’m 26). Science [...]

Women Scientists Who Made a Difference

By Guest Blogger Susan Wells When you think of scientists, you think of the greats, like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo Galilei and Nikola Tesla. But what about the women scientists? Our world would be lacking without their contributions to science and research. A little while ago on our Twitter feed, @spanglerscience, we asked if anyone could name [...]