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Get an Email When the International Space Station is Overhead

The International Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky (after the sun and moon) - it can be seen without a telescope by the naked eye. The ISS is even visible when spotted over a city and flies over about 90 percent of the Earth's population. How do you know when to look up? NASA is now offering a Spot the [...]

Space Camp Science – Build Your Own PVC Rocket Launcher

Steve just returned from Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. He took the entire Spangler clan, including his three boys and wife for an experience of a lifetime. They participated in Parent-Kid Space Camp. The entire family took turns working in Mission Control and the shuttle simulators. One of their favorite simulators was the  M.A.T - Multi Access Trainer. It simulates what a tumble [...]

Astronaut Beaker Launched Into Space on a Weather Balloon

By Blog Editor Susan Wells During Weather and Science Day, we launched a weather balloon to the edge of space. The balloon didn't need a pilot, but we thought a scientist onboard would help bring some perspective and a first hand account of what it was like to soar 93,000 feet above the earth. Beaker was the muppet for the job. His prep [...]

Earth's Sunset is Spectacular but Not Rare from Space

This amazing photo of the sunset over the Indian Ocean comes from NASA and the Earth Observatory. The picture was taken by the Expedition 23 crew onboard the International Space Station. None of us on Earth will ever be able to witness a sunset like this. In the picture, you can see the curve of the Earth along with several layers of [...]

Facebook and Myspace for Teachers

I recently recorded a conversation held between me and Stephan Spencer, president of search engine optimization company, Netconcepts. Spencer talks about the basics of both social networking sites, such as whether or not you should make your profile private if you are worried about your job, or prospective jobs. There are plenty of cases where exactly this has happened. I can recall myself [...]

Space Camp for Teachers:

What do you call 102 teachers gathered together who are crazy about space science? Teacher Space Camp. I often write about my search for "amazing teachers" - teachers who truly inspire students to want to learn. Last week I paid a return visit to the U.S. Rocket & Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama where I met another group of amazing teachers [...]

Color Changing Flowers

Steve Spangler has admitted that most plants have a drinking problem, so I thought I'd see for myself if that was true. I experimented with capillary action and color changing flowers. I started out with four clear vases.  I didn't have any two that were alike, but that just makes my experiment more interesting. Since I would be dealing with fresh flowers, my next [...]

Connections in Education

Sometimes I feel like several different people when I talk or think about education.  Most of me can't even begin to comprehend how anyone could not want to learn as much as possible, every passing moment.  Some of me can understand how a person can be too exhausted from the labor and stress of a typical day to even think about [...]

Dismembered Body Parts: Day Five

Dismembered body parts: day five?  What happened to Day Four? Sorry about day four.  I went to a Renaissance Faire dressed like Minerva McGonagall.  Any questions? Moving right along to Day Five, the polymer body parts have almost filled the jar.  All but two of them are still floating, but one of the noses is on the bottom of the jar.  Do you [...]

Dismembered Mad Scientist Body Parts, Pt. 1

It's October, so of course I had to get out my Spangler Science Growing  Body Parts and start my annual October growth-fest of the macabre!  Is that an alligator in there with the dismembered body parts?  Well, naturally.  If you were an alligator, wouldn't you go where the body parts were?  It's like an alligator buffet of good things to eat!  (The [...]