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Sonic Wacky Pack Wild Gliders Coming to a Drive-Thru Near You

Steve Spangler Science and Sonic America's Drive-In have teamed up once again to bring a little science and fun in their Sonic Wacky Packs Kids' Meals this summer. Wacky Wild Gliders are fun airplanes that feature fun facts about one of four insects. Kids will love assembling their insect glider, decorating it with the included stickers and then heading outside to explore [...]

SONIC Drive-In Presents Steve Spangler Science Wacky Pack Books

We are excited to announce our third partnership with SONIC Drive-In restaurants, SONIC Sliders 2.  Starting in November, the books are available at a SONIC Drive-In near you.  This time around, our Science Editor collaborated with SONIC to produce four, all-new Science Sliders as part of the SONIC Wacky Packs.  Each book shares a different science theme: Animals, Earth Science, Transportation [...]

A Science Lesson from SONIC Drive-In

Now you can eat a burger, drink a limeade and enjoy some cool science experiments from Steve Spangler Science at your local SONIC® America's Drive-In®. We're excited to announce the release of six books that we wrote for Sonic as part of their Wacky Pack® kid's meal. The six book series are called Science Sliders because each page has a section [...]

Best of Spangler Science 2009

It's been quite a year for us at Steve Spangler Science... in fact, when the year starts out with 50 off your closest friends helping you wish Ellen DeGeneres a Happy Birthday, you know big things are in store.  Whether we were letting fans ride on the infamous Bed of Nails at NAEYC 2009 or launching trash cans with a police [...]

Eat a Burger… Learn Some Cool Science

Another Spangler Science Lesson from SONIC® Drive-In Now you can eat a burger, drink a limeade and enjoy some cool science experiments from Steve Spangler Science at your local SONIC, America's Drive-In. We're excited to announce the release of 4 new books and toys created in partnership with SONIC as part of their Wacky Pack® kids' meal. This Deep Space series includes [...]

Grant Smith Wins 1st Place in Science Fair

It's great to get emails with this subject line... My science fair project placed 1st from an idea from your website! Grant Smith is a 4th grader at S&S Elementary in Sherman, Texas. The "S&S" two small towns, Southmayd and Sadler, are approximately one hour north of Dallas. Grant used our website as a resource to expand on the [...]

Does Diet Coke Really Produce the Best Results?

Believe it or not, research scientists have actually concluded that Diet Coke produces the best stream of flying soda (much to the joy of the Mentos Experiment enthusiasts). I received an email from Dr. Joe Maglaty, Director of Education Outreach from the Merck Institute for Science Education with this information: I recently came across an article that you may, or may not, [...]