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Bubbling Concoctions

Bubbling Concoctions

Whether creating a wave bottle, lava lamp, or chemistry rocket, these burping and bubbling blob mixtures are a scientific site to behold.
Air Burst Rockets

Air Burst Rockets

Kids can get rid of some excess energy with this air-powered outdoor rocket toy. Air Burst Rockets don't require any flames, fire, or batteries. Just attach the air tubing to a bike pump, give it a few pumps and your rocket will fly.
This Is Rocket Science

This Is Rocket Science

Just add water, snap the lid shut and stand back. Attach the foam rocket to the snap can and shoot the rocket high into the air. The bubbling action of the chemical reaction builds up pressure inside the can until the top POPS and flies through the air.

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Rocket Boy Homer Hickam Ignites Passion for Science in 4th Grade Engineers

The 4th graders at Willow Creek Elementary and their amazing teacher, Lisa Heaton, took a lesson out of the books, literally, and tested their rocket-building skills. They read Homer Hickam's book, Rocket Boys. Then they set out on their own to design and build a rocket out of construction paper, tape and clay. That's it. No engines or explosives helped launch these [...]

Young Engineers Build Homemade Rockets

I helped the fourth graders at Wilder Elementary test their rocket designs today. Watch the video below from last year to see what this interactive lesson is all about. Earlier in the week, the students watched the movie October Sky, based on Homer Hickam’s novel, Rocket Boys. I then explained the science behind building rockets and gave them some demonstrations of Newton’s [...]

NASA Looking for Future Rocket Scientists for Summer Program

NASA is looking for high school students across the country who want to participate in their INSPIRE program - Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience. The year-round program is for students entering 9th through 12th grade for the 2011/2012 school year in good academic standing and an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM, education and careers. [...]

Willow Creek Rocket Launch

Houston, we have lift-off! Fifth graders from Mrs. Heaton's class at Willow Creek Elementary invited me to participate in their annual paper rocket launch. The rockets were made from construction paper, tape and clay... that's it. No engines or explosives in these rockets - the only fuel was 30 pounds of air pressure. I learned how to make the rocket launcher [...]

Colorado Destination Imagination Team Heads to National Competition

UPDATE: Team NO Limits! competed against 68 other teams from China, South Korea, Guatemala, Colombia, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Mexico and the United States.  They came in 6th out of 69 teams and received 92 points out of a possible 100 points for their Instant Challenge. Their next goal? To walk across the stage at the Global Finals next year. Good luck [...]