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Connections in Education

Sometimes I feel like several different people when I talk or think about education.  Most of me can’t even begin to comprehend how anyone could not want to learn as much as possible, every passing moment.  Some of me can understand how a person can be too exhausted from the labor and stress of a […]


How to Use Popcorn to Teach Rates

by Christy McGuire, Contributor This time of year, students’ minds are starting to drift to the upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays. Why not use popcorn to channel a little of that excitement into your classroom? Use popcorn to teach graphing, rate, and slope. Let your students eat your props, and you will quickly be one of the […]


Leopard Reintroduction on a Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, Africa

 By Jody Tilbury, Mud Hut Mama We are lucky enough to live in a wildlife reserve in Malawi that over the last ten years has been restored, rehabilitated and restocked. More than 2,500 animals have been translocated here and there is a lot of excitement that surrounds animal reintroductions. The latest relocation was two leopards […]


Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences

By April Oaks Growing up, I did not like science.  It was by far my least favorite subject.  I didn’t understand it and it certainly wasn’t fun.  With exception to an amazing physics teacher in high school, I never had any other teachers who helped me see any value in science.  I did have great […]


The Science of Witches’ Yeast for Halloween

By Jane Goodwin Back in the days before people waltzed into the grocery store to buy packaged bread. . . even before the days when people baked their own bread using store-bought packaged yeast, people could still enjoy a loaf of light, risen bread.  They used Witches’ Yeast, which people refer to more commonly as […]


Indoor Fun: How to Make Science Kids’ Play at Home

By Kristin Fitch From I have 3 boys.  From an early age I introduced my children to basic science concepts.  There was no room in our house for formalities, or serious science, at least not when my boys were only 2,4, and 6.  I was on a mission to encourage a love of learning, […]


Five Ways to Inspire a Child's Inner Scientist

By Kristin Fitch of Ziggity Zoom Kids are experts at asking questions.  A typical 3 year old will ask why non-stop.  Why does that work like that?  Why is that man so tall?  Why do I have to do it?  The questions and their inquisitive nature are amazing.  So why not harness that curiosity and […]