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Rainbow Snow

RAINBOW SNOW Rainbow Snow Experiment Take it Further! Take it Even Further! Take it Further Further! Additional Information Science Fair Connection RAINBOW SNOW EXPERIMENT NOTE 1: Yardsticks and/or meter sticks can be pricey or even off limits if you plan to glue plastic cups to them. Any narrow strip of wood that looks like a […]


Cold Weather Science – Frozen Bubbles

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Over the weekend, the girls and I took advantage of the Denver deep freeze to brave the cold and do a little science. We pulled out the summer bubble kit and experimented with what would happen to a bubble when it is 3 degrees outside. We bundled up and headed […]


The Science Behind Cooking a Turkey

By Blog Editor Susan Wells The turkeys are all defrosting (or at least should be) and come bright and early Thursday morning, millions will be cooking in ovens across the United States. The turkey is the star of our Thanksgiving holiday, so we asked the following questions to find out the science behind it. What […]


Bursting Frozen Pipes – The Power of Water

With the freezing temperatures across the country, the problem of frozen pipes rupturing is in the news. In Denver, the Jefferson County Court House is closed due to frozen pipes breaking, thawing then leaking. Water is unlike every other liquid in the world, because it expands when it freezes. When water is frozen, it shrinks […]